Heavenly Terrors

This story is about two girls who are eventually captured and trained as undercover assassins for their new leader: Ledaren. Read and find out what happens1


2. Chapter Two: Scarlett


          We got to the source of the light in less than fifteen minutes, give or take. Caia and I were a bit slow, this only being the second time (to our knowledge) flying. Both of us landed behind a tall building. It turns out the light was actually a city, and a big city at that.

          “Where are we?” Caia asks me.

          “I have no idea. We’ll ask around later. But first…” I point to a department store. “We need a change of clothes. We’re a complete mess right now.” She nods in agreement. We stroll casually over to the large store, trying to ignore the looks that we receive from the surrounding people. Walking in, our eyes widen.  I had been expecting cute tops and skinny jeans, not racks of weapons. They lined the walls and shelves, varying from swords to grenades to bows with their matching quivers. The bombs that looked like they could be activated at any second. I then felt a hand on my back.

          It was an officer, but he wasn’t the officer you would normally expect to see. He had an all black outfit, which wasn’t surprising. But the thing that was weird was that he had a  large utility belt packed with various weapons. Grenades, daggers, you name it. Much more than the usual, taser, gun, and handcuffs. He wore a harsh scowl on his face.

          “What are you two wearing? These kinds of outfits are not permitted in this city, let alone anywhere else. It is against the world wide dress code.” My eyes widen in confusion.

          “I apologize, sir. Is there a place where my friend and I can find some proper clothing here in the store?” He crosses his arms and keeps his scowl on his face. He uses his head to point.

          “Walk straight and take a right at the shield section. The adolescent department should be on your left.” He eyes both of us thoroughly. “How old are you both?” I feel my muscles start to tense. How old am I? I hadn't put much thought into it. I decide to try and make my best guess.

          “I am nineteen, and my sister here is eighteen, sir. Why do you ask?” the officer grunts, like that was supposed to answer my question. I say a quick thank you and hurry over to the “adolescent section”. The clothes there...weren’t even clothes. There was only one color, and one choice, regardless of gender. The so called “clothes” were black one pieces that covered your entire body. The shoes were black combat boots for females and simple black tennis shoes for males.

          “Well, this is just dumb. There aren’t any options! Not even different colors !” Caia complains, holding up a one piece. I hold up two of them.

          “Hmm…” I say sarcastically. “Which one is better? The black one or the black one?” Caia laughs. “Well, we have to get one. Just grab one and go try it on in the dressing rooms over there.”

          “But, Scarlett….” she objects feebly.

          “What?” I say. She whispers in my ear.

          “How do we hide, you know, our...wings? And we have no money! How do you expect to buy these?” I hadn’t thought of that. I had forgotten about money until Caia brought it up. I sigh, an terrible idea coming to mind.

          “You're not going to like this, but we're going to have to steal them.



          Caia definitely wasn’t too thrilled about the idea, but I think she knew in the back of her mind that it had to be done. I carefully sneak the bland black clothing underneath my denim jacket and walk as normally as possible towards the exit, Caia tailing me from behind.

          “Did you find  what you wanted, girls?” It was that officer again. He comes up to us once, scowl still plastered on his face. Does he have any other facial expressions?

          “No, as a matter of fact, we didn’t. These outfits here don’t suit our liking.”

          “Well, isn’t that a shame. That is the only thing you're going to find anywhere, no matter what. And besides, if you didn’t find anything, what is that underneath your coat? Merchandise?”

          “Of course not! We would never-” He cuts me off by grabbing my shoulder and lifting my cloak. The clothing falls to the floor.

          “Huh! Would you look at that!” He says, a satisfied smirk replacing his scowl. Huh. I guess he does. “You’re coming with me. Both of you.”

          “No.” I sweep my leg out and feel mine connect with his. He falls hard on the ground with a grunt. I grab Caia’s hand and pull her with me, sprinting towards the weapons section of the department store. I pull a smoke bomb off of one of the shelves and throw it towards the ground in front of my sister and I. It explodes into a puff of grey smoke, hiding both of us from view.

          I snatch a black bow off a rack and locate some matching arrows in a quiver nearby.  I slide the quiver onto my back and notch an arrow on my bow. I have never even picked UP a bow and arrow before! So why is this so easy to do? The pull back the string, aiming for the smoke, anticipating the officer to emerge at any second.

          After a moment, the officer appears from behind the smoky cloud, clearly furious at the two of us. He throws me to the ground, making me hit my head hard on the tile flooring. I groan softly, clutching my head. I watch as Caia grabs a long, slim sword from another rack and hits the officer hard in the back with the butt of the handle. He falls unconscious, to the floor. She must have hit him near a sensitive nerve to have knocked him out so suddenly. But...how could she know how to do that? I sit up slowly and rub my head, wincing.

          “FREEZE” says a voice. It comes from behind me. I turn around slowly and see another tall officer standing directly behind me. He points a gun down at me, ready to shoot if I rebel once again. I suppose he gets impatient, because the next thing I know, the world goes black before me.


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