Heavenly Terrors

This story is about two girls who are eventually captured and trained as undercover assassins for their new leader: Ledaren. Read and find out what happens1


3. Chapter Three: Caia


          My eyes slowly open to see the inside of a large, moving van. I am lying on the floor, hands tied behind my back and feet tightly fastened. Using my peripheral vision, I catch a glimpse of my sister Scarlett’s long black hair beside me.  I scoot closer to her, trying to get her attention.

          After attempting to shake her awake several times, I give up. She’s deeply unconscious.

          I finally make it onto my knees when I look towards the front of the car. There are two males sitting in the front seats. Each were tall, and each of them wore simple dark clothing. It is similar to the clothing I had seen in the department store, and yet quite a bit different. They appear to be some kind of uniforms.

          The one driving has black hair and appears to be the older male. The male on the right has longer blonde hair. I had never seen hair like his; it was bright because of the sun and uniquely wavy. The window beside him was open, causing his hair to move slightly. He’s...kind of...cute. I feel my face get warmer from the thought. Then, he opens his mouth, which makes me start to rethink my feelings.

          “Why do we have to take care of these stupid girls? If they are so important to us, then why aren’t the higher ups taking care of them?” He turns towards the driver bearing an irritated look on his face.

          “I don’t know what Ledaren is planning, but at least they trust us enough to guard them until we get them back to headquarters.” The blonde-haired male just stares out the window, probably because he didn't receive the answer he was hoping for.

          “I just wish that I could get a better job. Ledaren knows I have always wanted to be an instructor, and they know I'm the best in the senior division. I guess I just don't understand what is keeping them from moving me up a rank or two. I've been a senior for the last three years, simply trying to perfect my ranking.” He looked crestfallen now.

          “Aidan, make sure they are still knocked out. I don’t want to take any chances,” says the driver, clearly trying to change the forlorn subject to something a bit more appealing.

          “They’re fine. Ledaren said they won’t wake up for about five hours. It’s only been three. Besides, they would have to be extremely strong wake up from a sedative that powerful."

          “Aidan,” the driver says, a sudden firmness in his voice.

          “No. You are not the boss of this mission, Michael. I can make decisions too.” For a second I could feel the intensity in the air. Aidan must be a bit of a troublemaker if he is this stubborn. I wonder what trouble he has gotten into in the past.

          I tear my eyes away from the front seats and take a quick look around the van. There are no windows in the back, and the floor appears to be made out of some kind of metal. Lining both sides of the van are weapons. Each weapon as lethal as ever and ready to use at any time. I shiver at the thought of what this weaponry might be used for.

          With my feet and hands still tied, I manage to crawl over to one side of the van. The weapons in front of me are all different kinds of daggers. Each are different lengths and made out of different types of metals and materials.

          I grab one from off of the wall, hands still tightly bound together. It feels small in my hands, but I know that it is sharp enough to cut the rope. Slowly, holding it by its handle, I push the knife back and forth against the rope, hearing the strands begin to quietly snap, one by one.



         The rope eventually collects in a pile at my feet, freshly cut by the dagger in my hand. I quickly bring my hands out in front of me, now holding a second dagger in my right hand as well. The rope had been tightly bound around my wrists, so red markings were still lingering. I bend down and begin to cut at the ropes binding my feet as well. This time, cutting was easier because of the two free hands. It felt nice now that I could move freely about.

          Suddenly, the van comes to an abrupt stop. I look out the windshield and see that we are now parked directly in front of a building.  It is almost completely dilapidated, red bricks crumbling and covered with thick green vines.

          Aidan and Michael both step out of the vehicle, slamming the van doors behind them. As they start walking towards the tail end of the van, I overhear them talking once again. “Finally, we're here! Now I can get back to training. The last thing I want to happen is to get behind and have to be assigned a partner."

          “I understand where you are coming from, but partners really aren’t all that bad.” Their voices begin to sound closer to the rear of the van.

          “Michael, you've never had to have a partner. Of course you would think that way. ”

          “Having a partner would definitely make missions easier.”

          “I have to disagree with that. For me, a partner would just get in the way. I prefer to work alone.” My grip around the dagger becomes  tighter by the second, making my knuckles turn white.

          “Okay. Whatever you say. Just know that Ledaren makes the rules, which means that you would have to work with a partner if they want you to.” I quickly glance around, trying to find somewhere I can hide. Without a hiding place I’m as good as dead. They have both better weapons and far more experience than me.

          Near the front of the van there lay three pale green bags, each with brown leather straps. They were fat, and about the size bale of hay. I could hide behind them, at least for the moment. I quickly make my way over to the bags, trying to not make a sound, and crouch behind them, dagger at the  ready.  

          The van doors open.

          I carefully peek over the top of the bags. Both of the males stand before the doors, wide-eyed, stunned, and confused. Aidan is the first to speak.“Isn’t there suppose to be two of them?”

          “We are so dead!” Michael turns to Aidan, “If Ledaren punishes me, you are as good as dead Aidan. Because of your laziness, one of them is missing!”

          Aidan chooses to ignore him and instead intently scans the interior of the van.“Whatever. Let’s just find her first. She has to be in here; there isn't another way out except through the back doors of the van.” He climbs up into the back of the vehicle. “I’ll take a look.”

          Michael just shrugs and stands outside as Aidan begins to search the van.

          I quickly pull my head down and back behind the bags. My heart pounds with the timing of his footsteps. Each step louder and each beat harder and faster. He's going to find me eventually. There’s really no point in hiding. I mean, the bags are practically against the wall of the van.

          As my head quickly files through all the possible outcomes, I position myself in order to attack, if need be.

          His face suddenly appears above me. In the moment I have before I react, I stare directly into his eyes. His eyes are likes small pools of ocean. Soothing and calming, yet treacherous and lonely.

          After that split second, I lunge forward, hoping to catch him off guard.

          Instead, my he grabs my wrist, anticipating my sudden movement. Aidan forces me to drop my only weapon. I watch as it falls with a clatter onto the floor below me.

          The grip he has around my wrist slowly increases in strength as he yells to Michael, "I found her! Come in and give me a hand here!”

          I know that this is my only chance at escape. I maneuver my foot to throw the dagger up from the floor into the air. Aidan, caught off-guard, loosens his grip slightly around my wrists. I use that opportunity to my advantage and quickly pull away, grabbing the dagger midair and pointing it at him. His eyes widen as he realizes his mistake. He grabs his own dagger hanging on a utility belt around his belt.

          “If you want a fight, I'll give you one. Just know that you won’t win. You could always surrender quietly; we aren’t trying to hurt you.” Staying in my attack position, I start to think about what the best decision would be. I am strong, but am I stronger than him? And what about Scarlett? What should I do?

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