Heavenly Terrors

This story is about two girls who are eventually captured and trained as undercover assassins for their new leader: Ledaren. Read and find out what happens1


1. Chapter One: Scarlett

          I wake up to a bitterly cold night, shivering. I am sitting under a large oak tree, trying to protect myself from the cold winds. W-where are we? I can't remember anything! Someone is stirring to the left of me next to the tree and is shivering just as much as I am. Her long, wavy blonde hair falls delicately over a light-blue hoodie. She wears jeans and tennis shoes as well. I notice a bracelet on her wrist, which is identical to the one I had on at the moment as well. The leather cord held a feather pendant in place.

          I begin to remember what I look like. I look down and see that I have long, straight black hair, so long that it nearly touches the ground. I fall in love with it immediately. I remember my eyes; they seem to be the only things that I have that competes with the girl sitting next to me. They are a beautiful, icy blue. I also remember wearing the color black a lot. It seemed to help me become unnoticed and blend in. In fact, I had black on at the moment. I had put on a pair of black Converse, jeans, a red t-shirt with a band logo on it, and a black denim jacket. I begin to strain myself to remember what I can, which isn't much. However, what I can recover shocks me.

          I remember the name of the girl sitting next to me. The name Caia flashes through my mind, along with sister. It seems as though my sister and I are apparently not all that we would seem to be. We are quite different from other people. We each seem to have supernatural abilities not usual for a human being. For some reason, I can't seem to remember what powers we have.

          I'm dumbfounded. How is it possible? Are we even human? And how is Caia the only person I can remember? I crawl over my sister and shake her slightly. She sits up immediately. Caia stares at me with curious gray eyes, puzzled for a few moments. eyes widening by the second.

          “Juniper? Where are we?” I look at her, puzzled. Who is- Wait a second. Is that….me? Something clicks in the back of my mind. That IS my name.

          “Oh my goodness! You're okay!” I hug her like she is an old friend, even though I have no memories of us spending time together. I feel tears well up, but I can’t figure out why. “We should try to locate a town or something. To find out where we are, I mean.”

          “Right,” she agrees. “Which way then?” I take a quick look around, asking myself the same question. As I scan the area around the tree, I see a faint light to the north.

          “That way. I see light.” Caia nods in agreement. We both stand up, but are both surprised when we feel a heavy weight on our backs. We fall back on our bottoms in near-perfect unison.

          I slowly remove my jacket, and as soon as I do, wings burst out behind me. Caia screams, alarmed by the sight. I realize I can move them just like my arms and legs. I slowly stretch them out. They are huge, black, beautiful wings. Specks of silver on the dark feathers catch rays of moonlight, causing the wings to have a faint glow. Both of us just stand there and gawked at them.

          “Wait…if you felt that too…that means….” She trembles slightly as she slowly removes her hoodie, revealing a white t-shirt underneath. It falls to the ground as she unfolds her own wings. They are a breathtaking white. Opposite of me, she looked like a real angel in the light of the moon. We just look at each other for a minute. Suddenly, a thought strikes me. If we have wings, does that mean that we can fly? Or are they just for show? Caia seemed to have gotten the same idea.

          “Can we fly with these?” she asks nervously. I shrug.

          “Only one way to find out, right?” I glance over to the west, where a bunch of hills lay, seemingly waiting for someone to climb on top of them.

          “Wait, you can't serious! You're just going to, I don't know, jump off of one of those huge hills and just SEE if you can fly? That's insane!”

          “Yep. That's the plan. Unless, I suppose, you have a better idea in mind?" She ponders hard for a moment, and after a few seconds, she looks up at me. Sighing, she shakes her head no. Smiling, I take her hand and lead her towards the hills.


          By the time we reach the collection of hills, we were both out of breath. Both of us eventually manage to finally get on top of one of the high hills, heaving for breath at the summit. The hills were deceptively taller than they had appeared from afar.

          “Are you sure about this?” Caia asks worriedly.

          “No,” I answer, looking over the steepest edge of the hill. “Well, here goes.” I take off my shoes and run to the edge. I take a leap of faith, and I jump.

          As I fall, I think of birds and flight. I brace myself and flap my wings hard. It hurts a bit because of the speed I am falling at. However, before I know it, I am soaring, beating my wings when needed to keep me airborne. I gradually make my way up to the top of the hill and land near Caia, stumbling slightly trying to keep my balance.

          “See?” I say. “I totally know what I’m doing.” She sighs with relief.

          “You didn’t, you just figured it out as you fell to your death,” she says back sarcastically.

          “You have to try it! It feels amazing!” She looks out towards the horizon.

          “Well, I guess if you can do it, I can do it too.” Caia hesitantly spreads her wings and looks over the edge. She walks back a few steps, and then runs back to the edge and jumps off at the last second, like I did. I do so as well, hovering near the edge, and watch her fall. At the very last second, Caia spreads her wings and gives them a hard flap. She flies all the way back up to the top of the hill and lands, me alongside her. I hug her as she studies my wings.

          “They’re so pretty!" she says, beaming with happiness and exhilaration. I nod, smiling.

          “Yeah, yours are too. They definitely suit you.” I look back towards the north, where the light is still shining, even though the sun is beginning to rise. “We should really get going. Both of us really need a change of clothes.” I scan Caia. She is filthy from sitting under the tree and taking the walk to the hills, and I’m sure I am just as dirty, if not worse.

          “Well, at least now we can fly towards that light instead of walk. Since we are pretty good at it so far, we should get there in half the time we would if we walked.” Caia notes out loud. I nod in agreement. I stretch my wings out and fly straight up with a hard downbeat of my wings.

          I can't help but think about our odd situation. How are we such experienced flyers after we take a jump off a hill? That doesn’t make sense! We must have had a life before we ended up here, and we have to figure out what it was.  I glance down at Caia, who is following my lead, eventually flying up to where I am hovering, waiting for her. We begin our trek north together, gliding and adjusting to our seemingly brand new life.

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