There is always me

Its Phoenix's first day at a brand new school. As the days pass she is oblivious to the fact that Michael ... has his eyes set on her. But she warns herself that he's a fuckboy and tries to keep her distance. But things take a steamy change one night at a party and now Harry will do anything to show her he needs and wants her and only her....

Warning if you started reading this ✋�� reading this is not intended for little smoll potatoes!!!!!!!!!! But if yer a �� potato then go ahead and continue to read I cant stop you. I hope you enjoy my story.!!!!
Very slow updates!!!!




1. first day of school

Phoenix's POV

Being the new girl in school sucks. The worst part was having to introduce yourself to the class but luckily none of my teachers so far have asked me to.

Michael's POV

I would describe myself as your average bad boy. Now I'm not saying im a fuck boy but thats my reputation and the girls that don't want their hearts broken steer clear of me. The funny thing is I would never break their hearts. Its funny what a little rumor can do to your reputation right!? The one day i dread the most the first day of school. Let me explain myself the first day of school sucks balls because you have new drama and rumors brewing up about what may of happened during summer break...

"Michael you cunt, first day back and you don't even say hello!!?"

I turn knowing those voices all to well

Phoenix's POV

Sorry guys I forgot to introduce myself, I'm phoenix and you would describe myself as the quiet socially awkward girl but in reality when it come to parties i love them. I can be crazy and fun but also serious (which is a big act i put on so my dad leaves me alone;)

Michaels POV

"Sorry Ash, i didn't forget to say hello I was just thinking."

"Bullshit Mikey." Calum said while looking a me.

I totally forgot to introduce the guys. How stupid am I. First theres Ashton, then Calum and Luke. Me and the boys have a band called 5 Seconds of Summer.

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