Falling Down Towards Death

A dream I had.


1. 001

In my Nightmares I am falling,
Falling into great depths.
I am being murdered;
On the Dreamlands... Yet

Is it really murder?
Perhaps the insanity of suicide.
I cannot stop this,
Will need a solution for the plan.

Coming too close to the edge,
In the horrible dungeon;
One of my last homes,
Where I still dwell...

There is a rope hanging from the tapestry,
It is there on the bridge, and I climb down.
Being so scared to fall down;
My hands loosen on the ridge,
Can't hold it anymore, my body too weak.

And then it happens, falling down
Falling down into a huge depth.
Though underneath pillows were laid,
And I steered downwards.

And I fell safe...

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