Egyptian mythology poem.


1. 001

The world and humanity was created,
Humanity by the Elder Race;
The gods did multiply rapidly,
Most of them were related.

Humanity neglected the gods
By not bringing them sacrifices.
Ra called the gods in a meeting,
To decide their punishment;
So they would offer from now on.

Sechmet was sent to the Earth,
Representing the power of the Sun.
Being the personification of Evil,
Able to slay all humankind...

On Earth she started to slay humanity,
Enjoying the taste of their blood.
The gods were upset;
What if she killed everyone?

Sechmet wanted blood
And didn't halted.
Finally the gods stopped her:

They filled a field
With red liquid which seemed blood.
Sechmet swallowed everything,
And became drunk.

When she waked up,
The killing had stopped;
And humanity had learned their lesson

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