Before I die

Lauren Robinson writes about her life before she dies from a Brain Tumor. She has a very interesting story that needs to be told, secrets to confess, and promises to be broken. All before it's too late.
**(There is also romance and Comedy in this)**


2. Where it all began

    It’s mid-August, the cherry blossom trees just began to bloom. Those trees are everywhere in this town, honestly it sets a good tone to it. Spring here is absolutely amazing, it’s my favorite season.


    August 13th, 2035. Sunday.

I was riding my bike through town to meet my best friend at the Cafe. Sure, I could’ve walked but i love it when the wind blows through my blonde wavy hair especially on days like this. As I get closer to the shop I see a group of boys right outside seated to a table, I find it odd that they are there. The jocks in town normally go to the park or at their spot by the supermarket where they drink. I never said the people here were the smartest ones.

    I pull up to the cafe and see my best friend in the window, almost directly in front of the boys outside. I start to walk into the cafe and all of a sudden I hear “There she is. The honor student.” The voices got closer as I opened the door. “Hey bookworm, where are you going?” A hand behind me shuts the door.

    I turn around to see who it was, Austin. He is a former bully to anyone smarter than him, with the exception of Tyler Walker. “Listen you lard, I’m meeting someone so could you please move your fat ass hand from the door? Thanks.” I say in a rude manner, not wanting to deal with him. “Sorry pipsqueak, what did you say? You’re so short I can’t hear you from down there.” Austin answered back not budging. I began to be impatient, wanting to just sit down with a coffee. “I’m sorry I’m not a loudmouth like you but I’d really like to go inside.” I began to attempt to open the door.     

    I felt a push from behind me, the door was opening. My best friend, Jasmine Young, she opened the door and let me in. I walked in without saying a word until we were seated by the window. “Thank you for the help, Jass.” I took off my bag to get comfortable. “No sweat. I was wondering what took you so long. You normally get here in 10 minutes.” She began to open her laptop as she sat in front of me. The cafe we were in was small and cute, it was the main meeting point for us highschoolers. Jass and I come in here almost everyday after school, which will be starting again tomorrow. I started to look around to see if I saw him today.

    Jasmine looked at me I guess bcuz a few minutes later she said, “If you’re looking for Tyler he is the indeed the walker today.” (Those of you who don’t know, a walker is an employee who walks around the store cleaning up, also known as a busboy.) I notice Tyler walking out from the back of the counter to walk around. He is my crush and the most popular boy in school. I don’t have a chance with him sadly, so I just watch from afar.

    I started to look out the window to make it less noticeable that I was just staring at him. Then all of a sudden I see my older brother running from three guys across the street. I jump up and put my bag on, not thinking about Jasmine. I ran out the door and get on my bike. I felt something touch my shoulder, It was Jass standing on my pegs on my bike. I began to follow my brother, not knowing what I got myself into.

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