Secret Night

Bella, a picked on teenager, gets asked to a party...... little did she know she would find the love of her life! His name is Adien Cave. But will her secret get in the way of love just like it did friends? Find out in "Secret Night"!


1. ~A New Night~

     I sat up in my bed staring at the moon. It was full. Time to go. I race outside into the garden area. I fell to the ground I could feel the hair on my body getting thicker, my nose and mouth turning into a snout. Soon I was a werewolf. I turned my head to look at the house.


     I thought to myself, "Hungry." I raced off into the woods sniffing out deer and rabbit. I found a buck not but 3 and a quarter miles from my house.


     After I finished my meal and ran back home. There I went back to being human. I had to hurry inside and get some clothes on, because I'm a Moran and keep ripping my clothes up when I "change". It was 4 in the morning. It was a new night.


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