Secret Night

Bella, a picked on teenager, gets asked to a party...... little did she know she would find the love of her life! His name is Adien Cave. But will her secret get in the way of love just like it did friends? Find out in "Secret Night"!


2. ~A New Day~








        I ran quickly back inside to get some clothes on. After I got my silk pajamas on I fell asleep on the couch watching T-V. I woke up with my neck aching in pain and regretting my decision to sleep on the couch. I jumped up then rushed to throw on some clothes. I ended up wearing a pair of jean shorts and a bright blue shirt with dark blue stones on it. I jogged down to my turquoise truck. I love turquoise so I thought, "Why not?"   

     On the way getting into the truck I scratched myself on a price of barb wire is hat some bully and his jerk friends threw in my yard. By the time I got into my truck the scratch was gone. I speeded to school just in enough time to sneak into English class. The first day of 10th grade, and I'm late. Great. I took a spot next to my best, and only, friend, Jasper. He and I have been friends since kindergarten. I sat down and organized my stuff on the desk. I looked up at the chalk board that said, "Turn to page 217 in books". Quickly I turned to page 217.            

     "Hey," Jasper said sounding like he was struggling to speak.                    

"Hey," I replied, I think a little too perky.        

"What have you been up to?"

"Nothing, are you okay?" 

"No, I have a sore throat!" He whispered yelled. I felt a hard tap on the shoulder, I didn't look around because I knew who was behind me. The boy who threw the barb wire in my yard. His name is Jack Donor. He threw a note over my shoulder open. It said:










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