Camp of Legend

During the summer of 2012, Marla Sanders and her friends, arrive at Camp Crystal Lake, for a week of fun.

When they decide to explore the camp, they come face to face with Jason Voorhees, who haunts them at every turn.


1. The camp


The town of Crystal Lake had been cursed for a long time.

It had begun in the hot summer of 1957, when eleven year old Jason Voorhees drowned in the cold, freezing, lake; Barry Fields, and his girlfriend, Claudette Sears, (who were both seventeen), died at the hands of an unknown killer the following year in 1958 in the old barn that had been around since 1935. In 1959, someone had set the camp on fire; in 1960, the water was poisoned.


Suddenly, Camp Crystal Lake was closed to the public by Harold Christy, and his wife, Jane. The idea of re-opening it was a huge strain on themselves. As a consequence, the nightmare of Camp Crystal Lake was born. Marla Sanders stared at the house. She waited patiently. At seventeen, she was eager to enjoy the campgrounds of Crystal Lake; she was dating Ron James, the star quarterback for the local football team. "Marla, are you going to wait for him, it's 8:34 AM", Francine Sanders, her 46 year old mother, asked. "He told me he'll be here soon, Mom", Marla answered. She waited for her boyfriend, as she dragged her suitcases with her right hand towards the edge of the road. Seconds later, she saw Ron drive towards the driveway. He waved at Marla. Then he stopped driving. He pressed a button to open the driver's-side door, and got out.


"Marla, I thought you'd be inside", Ron smiled.

"I wanted to see you", she told him.

She kissed him, then she opened the boot of the blue 2011 Mazda. Once she did so, she saw Ron's luggage was near her.

When she closed the boot, she walked to the passenger-side door. Marla waited for Ron to close the door. Then she smiled, as they put their seat belts on. Then Ron waved drove away from the Sanders' house...and headed towards Camp Crystal Lake.


Arnie Jells stared at the Diner. He wasn't sure that the idea of spending the summer with Ron and Marla was the highlight of his time at camp; he was thinking everyone was scared of Camp Crystal Lake. The place was full of old timer's stories of Pamela and Jason Voorhees. Crazy Ralph, the seventy year old doomsayer, warned Steve Christy back in nineteen seventy-eight; Christy, the 28 year old son of the original owners, was too busy spending $25,000 with Alice Hardy, his 20 year old girlfriend. Hardy, a California artist, and Assistant Camp Counsellor, hired seven teenagers to help them repair the camp. Arnie remembered what happened. Alice was the only one who survived Friday, June 13, 1979, when she was 21. Pamela Sue Voorhees, the 49 year old mother of Jason, blamed them for her son's drowning. The rumour was that she had dragged Jason out of the deep water when she heard his cries of help; Pamela lived in a shack in the middle of the woods. She worked as the camp's cook from 1953 to 1957; she left suddenly. Arnie heard that Elias Voorhees, Jason's father, had left them in 1945, in the last year of World War II, when he was 15. When Jason was born on Friday the 13th, 1946, Pamela was sixteen. Arnie knew the rest. Arnie, who was seventeen, had his driver's license for the past year. He drove his grey 1997 van towards Camp Crystal Lake, as he prayed to God that nothing bad would happen to him...and everyone that he cared about, as he headed down the dirt road to the camp.


Marla looked at the sign.

It read: ​Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake, Est. 1935.

"Grandpa Jay was born that year", she said.

"How is he doing?", Ron asked her.

"He's well", Marla answered.

"That's good", he told her.

"Arnie's meeting us there", Marla said.

"That's good. How about the others?", Ron wanted to know. He concentrated on the road. Once he reached the Native American totem poles, he relaxed.


Then, as he stopped driving, he smiled at Marla.

"They'll come soon", Marla said.


And she grinned.


Arnie arrived at Camp Crystal Lake.

He was eager to see his friends. When he got out of the driver's-side of the new van, he saw Marla and Ron. He opened the van's door, and waved at them.

"Hey! How are you all doing?", he asked the teenagers.

"We're fine", Marla stated.

"That's good. I was afraid that I'd be late".

"We're early", Ron laughed.

And they grabbed their luggage, and headed towards the old cabins.


Mark Baxter shivered.

He was smoking a cigarette. The fiery embers glowed in the hot summer sky. He stamped on the cigarette. A woman shook her head.

"Excuse me, are you going to Camp Crystal Lake?", she asked him.

"Yes, I was thinking no one would go there because of the danger of the Voorhees family", Mark told her. "Isn't he dead?".

"I don't think so. His mother is".

"I'm Mark".


"Let's walk there. It's only two miles north".

"Fine by me".

And she smiled.

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