Camp of Legend

During the summer of 2012, Marla Sanders and her friends, arrive at Camp Crystal Lake, for a week of fun.

When they decide to explore the camp, they come face to face with Jason Voorhees, who haunts them at every turn.


2. Death curse


​Marla focused her attention on the glistening lake. She was concerned that Jason Voorhees would drag her underneath the cold water; she screamed in her shattered mind. Ron ran towards her. "What's wrong, Marla? Are you alright?", he asked her.

"I thought I saw Jason", she answered him.

"He's dead. Let's settle down", Ron said. Marla, who was still shivering, nodded. Suddenly she saw Arnie watching the barn...and he grinned as he opened the door...and went inside.


Mark arrived at Camp Crystal Lake. Patricia grabbed her luggage. Mark did the same. Then, as both of them were seeing the other campers, the new group of teenagers were now completed.


Arnie saw the new campers.

"Hi, welcome to Camp Crystal Lake. I'm Arnie".

"Mark. This is Patricia. We're late".

"You're not late. Everyone's here to have fun". Mark nodded. He placed his luggage underneath the bunks; Patricia placed her luggage in one of the other bunks, as Marla walked towards them. "Good morning. I'm Marla". And she held onto Ron's right hand, "...We're the new camp counsellors". She grinned at them, then they walked towards the campgrounds, where they were being watched by Jason Voorhees. Suddenly, as dark clouds hovered above the camp, no one wanted to go swimming; no one. Artie glanced at the woods. He shuddered with fear. There was something horrible about the camp. But, to him, the thrill of being alone in the woods was exciting. He headed through the oak trees. He didn't think that Jason Voorhees was alive; he walked to the old shack that had been around since the nineteen fifties. Artie took a long, deep breath. Then he opened the door, and went in. When he saw a dirty grey table in the middle of the spacious room, Artie flicked on the light. Once he could see, he opened the door, and screamed.


Ron looked at the kitchen. Yellow curtains were closed. He started to cook lunch. As he did so, Marla kissed him. "Can I help?", she asked him.

"Sure, it's hamburgers", Ron answered her.

"The campers will enjoy that", Marla said.


Artie saw a girl dressed in a black dress.

"Who are you?", she asked him.

"Artie. I thought Jason was...", he didn't answer her.

"Jason's away".

"When will he come back?".

"Soon. I'm Arianne".

"Where's your parents?".

"They're near the campgrounds. They wanted me to be safe". She walked to the cold windows. "It's freezing, isn't it", Arnie said.

"Yes, I'll put the kerosene heater on".

She fixed up the heater, as Artie looked around the shack. Soon the heater was turned on. Ariane warmed her fingers; the heat warmed her until darkness arrived at Camp Crystal Lake.


Marla watched the darkness consume the camp. She looked at the lake. Something disturbed her. She gazed at the ducks that quacked in the cool water; she wondered whether she was going to think about Jason Voorhees; she was about to think of survival, when Ron spoke to her.

"You're here", he said.

"I was dreaming of the past in which Jason drowned back in nineteen fifty-seven when he was eleven years' old; he couldn't swim", Marla said.

"Maybe it was too soon to re-open the camp", Ron said. He kissed her gently, then walked towards the lake. The logs drifted to the shore; the logs banged on the brown ladder. A sense of disturbance caused them to react. "What's the matter?", Marla asked him.


"It has to be something". Marla stared at him. Ron shook his head.

"Let's head to the cabins. I think that it's going to rain later on".

And she nodded, as dark clouds formed in the night sky.


Mark heard the sound of raging thunder. He shook his head. He wondered if the tension between himself and Patricia would go away; he started to think that the night without her wasn't in vein. He'd had several girlfriends at Camp Tomahawk several years' ago. Mindy Klein, 13; Lisa Chambers, 15; and Mara Gordon, 16. They were nice girls; they were members of the Crystal Lake Scouts. He walked to the cabins, as heavy rain started to fall. He rushed to the third cabin, as Patricia waved at him inside.


Artie saw the rain. He didn't want to leave Ariane.

"I have to go soon".

"Jason's coming".

"Is he", Artie shivered.

"Yes, you'd had better leave".

"What about you?", Artie asked her.

"I'll be fine. I'll cook some frozen pizza in the kitchen", Adriane answered. She hugged Artie. Then she saw him leave the shack, and ran to the camp before he got too drenched.


Marla saw Artie.

"Where have you been?".

"I was in Jason Voorhees's shack. I met a girl there. Apparently she told me he's coming at night time". He shivered.

"Then we must prepare to fight him", Ron added.

And the campers nodded, as the thunder continued to boom outside.

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