Texting Louis Tomlinson

What happens when Alyssa accidentally texts the wrong number and it happens to be Louis Tomlinson.


3. |Three|

March 18th, 2015





Text Message

11:28 AM

Louis: Lets play 20 questions!

Alyssa: Well hello to you too

Louis: Hello. Let's play 20 questions.

Louis: I'll go first. What's your favorite color?

Alyssa: Sky blue. Yours?

Louis: Dark Red  

Alyssa: What's your favorite movie?

Louis: Avengers. Let enjoy guess yours. 

Louis: Is it Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone? 

Alyssa: Close but no.

Alyssa: It's Tangled

Louis: Damn it. So close.

Louis: Do you have a boyfriend?

Alyssa: Well someone's forward. 

Louis: Oh I see

Louis: Do you have a girlfriend?

Alyssa: Wait what? 

Alyssa: Why are you asking if I'm a lesbian?

Louis: Hey wait your turn, answer my question first. 

Alyssa: No I don't have a boyfriend and I'M NOT A LESBIAN.

Louis: Okay okay jeez it was just a question.

Louis: I was wondering because I didn't know you weren't a lesbian. 

Alyssa: lol, okay um what's your favorite animal?

Louis: I love bunnies!

Alyssa: Bunnies? 😂

Louis: Yeah. What's so funny? 

Alyssa: You just don't seem like the bunny sort of guy.

Louis: Haha very funny. What's your favorite animal?

Alyssa: I love dolphins!

Louis: Dolphins are cool. 

Alyssa: well I have to go now bunny lover but I'll ttyl. 

Louis: Bye dolphin lover.

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