Texting Louis Tomlinson

What happens when Alyssa accidentally texts the wrong number and it happens to be Louis Tomlinson.


7. |Seven|

March 31st, 2015





Text Message

12:00 PM

Alyssa: Happy last day of March!!

Louis: Are we a thing or not?

Alyssa: wait what?

Louis: Are we together or not?

Alyssa: Uh idk

Louis: Yeah, that's what I thought...

Louis: I mean I wouldn't date someone like you.    

Alyssa: What's that suppose to mean?

Louis: I'm just saying I wouldn't date a regular person

Alyssa: I'm regular...?

Louis: Yeah

Alyssa: Well... I don't want to date a celebrity

Alyssa: Its too... chaotic

Louis: Well... I'm glad we are on the same page...

Alyssa: Yeah...

Louis: So...

Alyssa: I um, I have to go...

Louis: Bye

Alyssa: Bye

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