Texting Louis Tomlinson

What happens when Alyssa accidentally texts the wrong number and it happens to be Louis Tomlinson.


9. |Nine|

April 12th, 2015





Text Message

12:00 AM

Louis: Hey Alyssa...

Louis: Are you there?

Louis: I miss you...

2:00 AM

Louis: I know you're mad at me

Louis: I'm sorry for what I said

Louis: I made you sound unimportant and mediocre 

Louis: And you're not 

Louis: You're smart 

Louis: You're funny

Louis: You're sassy. Which happens to be one of my favorite things about you.

Louis: I realize now that what I said was out of line and I had no reason to say that to you

Louis: I'm sorry

Louis: I understand if you don't want to talk to me anymore

6:00 AM

Alyssa: Louis? Do you really mean all that?

Louis: I sure do. Do you forgive me?

Alyssa: Of course I do Louis.

Alyssa: Just don't make me feel like that again okay?

Louis: Okay

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