Texting Louis Tomlinson

What happens when Alyssa accidentally texts the wrong number and it happens to be Louis Tomlinson.


4. |Four|

March 25th, 2015





Text Message

3:18 PM

Louis: Hey...

Louis: We haven't talked in a while

Alyssa: Yeah we haven't. Is everything okay?

Louis: Could be better

Alyssa: Do you want to talk about it?

Louis: Well one of my band mates just quit the band and the past couple of days have been really hard on me and my other band mates.

Alyssa: Oh jeez Lou

Alyssa: I'm so sorry 

Louis: Zayn was a dick anyway but if he wants to be a normal guy go for it

Alyssa: Wait Zayn?

Alyssa: As in Zayn Malik?

Alyssa: Are you Louis Tomlinson?

Alyssa: From One Direction?

Louis: Uh... I have to go

Alyssa: Wait!

Alyssa: No come back!

Alyssa: LOUIS!

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