Texting Louis Tomlinson

What happens when Alyssa accidentally texts the wrong number and it happens to be Louis Tomlinson.


8. |Eight|

April 11th, 2015





Louis has started a conversation with Liam

Text Message

1:30 PM

Louis: hey, you're good with girls right?

Liam: I guess...?

Louis: You've been dating that one girl for a while now

Liam: Her name is Sophia.

Louis: Whatever. I'm having girl trouble

Liam: Hm I wonder why

Louis: Don't use sarcasm on me when I need help

Louis: I will ask Harry for help

Louis: But I really don't want to so if you could help that would be great

Liam: haha. Harry guving relationship advice is a funny thought 

Louis: I didn't come to you to talk about Harry's problems

Liam: okay okay

Liam: You do know that Sophia and I broke up right?

Louis: What? When?

Liam: last week

Louis: does this mean you're not the right person to talk to about girl problems?

Liam: nah

Liam: talk to daddy

Louis: ew

Louis: I'm going to ignore that you said that

Louis: anyway.. so I was texting Alyssa and we were talking about our relationship and well it would just be better to send you the screen shots of the conversation 

Louis: [pic attached]

Louis: [pic attached]

Louis:  [pic attached]

Liam: Wow. Louis why would you say you don't want to sate her when you clearly do?

Liam: Also why would you say it'd be weird to date a "regular person"?

Liam: It makes it sound like you're on some higher level than she is.

Liam: No wonder she's pissed.

Louis: You don't get it!

Liam: Do you like this girl?

Louis: Yes

Liam: Then put your damn pride aside and apologize

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