Tristesse d' E'te'

Christine Wells is a normal teenage girl, recently healing from a loss. When she meets a new French teacher that thinks Christine can learn a whole new lot from French, Christine has a whole new life ahead of her.


5. June 4, 2017; Norfolk, Virginia; 12:00 PM

 I woke up and yawned. I almost smiled. Today was going to be a new day. Today I was going to find out if I was ever adopted by Missy.
​ I did my regular morning routine though - I made my bed, took a shower, brushed my teeth, cleaned my room, brushed my hair, ate, and played outside.
​ While I was riding my bike around my car, I saw something I haven't seen in 7 years since the drowning: a turtle. It was walking peacefully along the grass, squishing it across it's path.
​ I stared at it, heavy-chested. I didn't know what to do. I felt myself breathing heavily.
​"Hey look, a turtle," The boy from yesterday said, coming into my lawn to pick it up. I definitely didn't know what to do then.
"Wanna touch it?" He asked. He held it up to me. I shook my head wildly and put my hand over my heart. I couldn't breath.
​"Hey, are you okay?" He asked, noticing me.
​"Looks like she has Chelonaphobia, Toby," Nancy from yesterday said. I now noticed she was behind Toby.
"Well, that's just too bad. Turtles are the cutest thing in the ​world.​ You're missing out on ​something, Christine." She said my name like it was from the bottom of a dogs butt. I just shook my head again. Now, that was all I could do.
​"Maybe we should go get her mother," Toby said to Christine.
I coughed at the sound of the word mother. ​I wanted to scream as loud as I could to the world that she was not my mother so stop calling her that, but even if I wanted to, I could barely even move my mouth.
​ "She'll be fine,​" Nancy scoffed. "just put the turtle down and she will be normal. Well, not normal."
​ I looked at her like she was a psychopath, even though she kinda was. If she had Chelonaphobia in his situation, heck, I'll call 911.
​ I almost collapsed onto the floor. I cant hold this much breath. Luckily he put the turtle down and it crawled under my car.
​ I took the biggest breath I have ever took and leaned forward on the bike. Toby stood there, relieved, while Nancy stood there, looking at me.
​"You're weird, you know that?" She said, and she linked arms with the boy (Again!) and flounced off with him (Again!). ​I felt my cheeks grow hot. That Nancy got on my nerves, but she was not going to stop me from my planned day.


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