Tristesse d' E'te'

Christine Wells is a normal teenage girl, recently healing from a loss. When she meets a new French teacher that thinks Christine can learn a whole new lot from French, Christine has a whole new life ahead of her.


2. June 3, 2017; Norfolk, Virgina; 5:00 PM

 I rode my bike slowly around my car. I never knew if I was allowed to ride past my house or not, but I was pretty sure I wasn't.
​ I rode slowly and slowly, listening to the peaceful sound of my tires squeaking. I sighed deeply. I wanted to stay like this forever.
​ I suddenly heard a voice from behind me. "Hey," It said.
​ I turned around. A boy with a basketball was waving to me.
"Don't talk ​to her," A girl said. She came up from behind him. "She's weird. She hasn't talked since she was ​6."
​ I wanted to power-slap her and tell her that if you lost a dad and a little brother by drowning on the same day because of you then you would not talk for the rest of your life, too. And I almost did. But, instead, I just kept my mouth shut.
​"Maybe she is probably just going through something," The boy said. I liked the way this boy thought.
​ But the girl just shook her head. "Nu-uh. She's just weird. And she has a weird name to prove it, too. Christine.​ What kind of name is that?"​ That girl folded her arms across her chest. " I like Nancy ​better." Then she linked arms with the boy and flounced off. He didn't even look back.
​ I rolled my eyes and continued to calm with the squeaky noise of my tire. Miss Nancy and Little boy Basketball can wander off somewhere else. I don't need them. I scoffed. I don't need anybody. And nobody needs me. ​I tightened my grip on my handles and closed my eyes. I must have not been focused enough, because I landed suddenly on my grass. I looked at my knees and my skirt. My knee was scraped and blue, and my skirt was ripped up down the edges. Missy must've heard me because she ran outside and asked me if I was okay. Like always, I ignored her. I limped into the house and grabbed a Minion's Band aid and pain reliever. Before she could come in and do it herself, I quickly rubbed the cream on my knee and covered the band aid over it. Missy came in just in time and looked at my skirt. "Your skirt is all ripped up," she said, pointing at it.
​ I ignored her and walked back outside to ride on my bike. When I got on my bike, she watched me ride slowly and slowly around the car. I kinda didn't want her to. I wanted her to leave, so I rode around the Furgusin's house. When I came back, she was gone.
​ I did a half second smile and continued to ride. I don't remember one time when I did a full smile. As I rode, my hair was getting into my face, so I stopped in front of my driveway to put into a bun.
​ As I put my hands up to my head, I felt my bike tip backwards. I tried to hold onto the car for support, but it was too late. I fell hard on my back. I rubbed it. It was sore. I decided that riding my bike wasn't a very good idea, so I went inside to check on Fluffles.
​ Fluffles was snoring peacefully in the back of her cage. I rubbed her ears to her back. Bunnies were awesome. Even though Fluffles was the cutest thing you could ever lay your eyes on, even she couldn't make me smile or laugh. The only thing that makes me smile or laugh is Raymond's or Dad's face, and I try not to think of them. So pretty much I forgot what they look like.
​ I grabbed whatever book I touched off the shelf. A Wrinkle in Time​, it said. I put it back. I got that from a stranger at Dad and Raymond's funeral. I plopped on my bed instead and grabbed my big book of fairytales off my desk. It was a gift from Missy when she first met me. She always read it to me before bedtime, when I liked her (I stopped after a month after I found out she was dating Dad, which was when I was 5), but now I tend not to read it in front of her, so I read it in my room. She knows better not to go in here.


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