Tristesse d' E'te'

Christine Wells is a normal teenage girl, recently healing from a loss. When she meets a new French teacher that thinks Christine can learn a whole new lot from French, Christine has a whole new life ahead of her.


9. June 13, 2017; Norfolk, Virginia; 4:14 PM

"Christine! There's someone here to see you!" Missy called from downstairs. I didn't move until she called my name 2 more times. Then I trudged to the banister and saw who she wanted me to see.
​ The lady didn't look recodnizable. She had curly blonde hair that reached to her shoulders, and she looked quite tall. She had a mole that looked like it was drawn by permanent marker, and I couldn't keep my eyes off of it.
"This is Miss Clezsh'e," Missy said, glaring me in the eye. "She teaches French. I hope it wouldn't mind you, but I would like for you to learn French. Miss Clezsh'e's mother taught me French."
​"It is true," Miss Clezsh'e said in a kiddy French accent voice. "She taught Ms. Missy before I was born. She taught her well. Mother said I will get my genes from her later."
​"And I told her mother about you, and she thinks you would be a good practice for you." She smiled proudly. I felt the need to roll my eyes, but I couldn't, or Missy would scold me.
​ After Missy practically made me come down and she went to go fix some tea, me and Miss Clezsh'e sat there not saying a word.
"So, do you want to learn a few words? I brought my cards."
I shrugged my shoulders.
​"Okay then," she said clearing her throat, although I knew it really wasn't meant to be cleared. She pulled out her cards and showed them to me one by one.
​"This is a parapluie,​" Miss Clezsh'e said, showing me a picture of an umbrella floating in the sky. ​I wish I was that umbrella right now. "can you say parapluie?"
I mumbled parapluie,​ but it sounded more like purploo. ​"Um, great," Miss Clezsh'e said, fake-clearing her throat again. "Now, this is a livres​," she said, showing me a picture of a big fat red book. "Can you repeat that for me? Livres?"
​ Before I could say anything, Missy came is with a plate of tea and teacups.
​"Thank you oh, so kindly, Ms. Missy," Miss Clezsh'e said, slowly taking a teacup and taking a slow sip. "I was just showing Miss Christine here a few of my favorite French words." She took another sip, longer this time.
"Oh, ​Parapluie ​and livres​?" Missy said like she was a genius. "Maybe you should teach her ​paix ​and ​Bonheur. Those were some of my favorites." I cupped my chin in my hand, not caring what those words mean.
​ I sat there bored as they were speaking French and sipping little sips of tea like real French ladies. There were so many things I could be doing right now, and listening to French is not one of them.
Every few minutes I would catch Miss Clezsh'e staring at me. I had no choice.
​'Miss Clezsh'e can we start our lesson now?" I said, glaring at Missy. Miss Clezsh'e scoffed.
​"Oh please, darling, call me Angelique," she said, putting her teacup to her mouth. Missy cleared her throat embarrassingly. "Well, I better be starting my chores." She picked up the tea plate and walked to the kitchen.
​"That wasn't very nice," Angelique said as soon as Missy was gone.
'She started it," I mumbled.
​"Payback isn't the answer," She lectured. "you need to solve other problems with adults. ​Harmoniser. ​Harmonize." then she pulled out a card. "Here. I want you to clip this card on your wall and look at I every day."
​"​Tristesse d' e't'e?" ​I said questionably, flipping it over in my hand. "Why?"
​"Because," she said, touching my palm. "that's how your are feeling right now. You need to hang your emotions on the wall, just so you can understand them more."
"Sounds stupid," I said, throwing the card on the couch.
​ Angelique sighed and cleared her throat. "Well, looks like my time is up." She stood up and headed for the door. "tell your mother I said ​au revoir​." once she stepped out, I stared at the card. To make sure Missy wasn't looking, I looked both ways and snatched up the card. As I headed up the stairs, I could've swore I saw Angelique's grinning face through the window.

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