Tristesse d' E'te'

Christine Wells is a normal teenage girl, recently healing from a loss. When she meets a new French teacher that thinks Christine can learn a whole new lot from French, Christine has a whole new life ahead of her.


8. June 12, 2017; Norfolk, Virginia; 1:28 PM

I sat in my room and cried for about the millionth time this week.
​ "She has not been out of her room for a week now," Missy explain to the therapists downstairs. "she hasn't ate, she  hasn't showered, she even hasn't brushed her hair. I think that she needs help now."
​ Then I heard a clumper of footsteps and I hid under my covers.
​ There was a knock on the door. "Christine?" Missy's voice echoed. "There's some people here to see you."
I sat so still and quiet that I myself thought I was dead. But then I heard a sigh in the room and realized that I was okay.
​ The door suddenly unlocked an I lay flay on my belly as still as I could.
"Christine?" Missy whispered softly. I hadn't dared to move an inch. She put her hand on my back. I shivered. "Christine, it's alright. They are here to help you."
​"I don't need any help!" I screamed. "I just want you to leave me alone."
​"Honey, it's alright," a soft lady's voice said. "my parents were split up when I was a kid. I know how you feel. Mixed emotions, right?"
"No!" I screamed, even though the answer was​ yes in my head. I leaped off of the bed and rushed into the bathroom faster than anyone could follow.
​"Christine!" Missy called, banging on the door as soon as I shut it and locked it. "Look, I know you are mad that I called you my daughter, and I'm sorry, but can we please talk about this like mature--"
​"I am not mature!" I called out. "Why can't you give a girl some privacy?" I swung open the door and stormed past them.
​ Look at me now. I couldn't even stand myself then. First, I was as quiet as a mouse, and now I am hollering and screaming all over the place. I had to admit that at first when I heard me speak I thought a squeaky rat had snuck up on us. But the I realized that puny, high squeaky voce was mine. But now that I had my voice there was something that I had to say.
Perfect time, ​I thought. I saw that putrid Nancy walk out and towards my house, probably to start more drama.
​"Hey, Nancy!" I called. She looked in shock as she saw  my lips move. "Me?" She asked shockingly, pointing to herself.
​"Yeah, who else?" I called back. Talking felt good.
​ Once I caught up to her, the business started. "You puny little rat," I yelled for the neighborhood to hear. "You only pick of me because you are what you say to me yourself. I have a new name for you, too: Nancy-the-un-fancy. You don't dress that well anyway. Go back in the dumpster and find some new clothes. Or better yet, go find Pee Wee Herman. He'll have better clothes than ​that, ​obviously. Oh wait, you don't have to look for him, because your father is him in disguise!" I glared at her evilly.
"Christine, wai-"
​"No! My name isn't Christine, I thought. I thought it was Christy the un-Misty!" I rolled my eyes. Then I left her standing there in shock.
​ When I looked at myself in the mirror in the bathroom, my eyes were red and puffy as well as my face. I calmed down a little bit and started to cry. I probably should've locked the bathroom door, because Missy walked into the bathroom and sat next to me on the counter.
​"You know, It's okay to talk," Missy said, rubbing my back. I didn't respond. She sighed and looked at herself in the mirror.
​"You know that you're prettier than me, right?" Missy said, smoothing back her brunette hair. "I mean, what man would wanna date a girl with freckles?"
​ I knew that she was trying to make me laugh, but it wasn't working. She sighed again and touched my hair. "I am sorry or calling you my daughter," she said to me. "but you know, we have been living together for so long, it feels like it, right? And even though you are way prettier than me, it feels like we are close."
​"I just want you to go away, okay?" I mumbled. She sighed one last time before she left the bathroom.


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