Love Halfway Around The World

Skylar and her friends were just taking a trip up the East coast of Australia. All they wanted to do was have an adventure.They were not looking for any love or relationships. But what happens when Luke Hemmings runs into Skylar in the Streets of Central Sydney and gets Hooked? And what about when the other three boys fall for three of Skylar's friends?


6. The Trip Begins

Ashton’s POV


“Ashton, guys come on you got to wake up!” I woke up to Emily’s voice on the other side of our door. Luke, Cal, and Mikey were all still dead asleep so I got out of bed and opened the door to fully dressed and annoyed Emily. “Really are you guys always so dead in the morning?” Emily asked with a frown.

“Only when a pretty girl is yelling at us like our moms.” I smirked and laughed.

“Was I really that bad?” Emily looked at the ground. I reached out and brushed my knuckles on her check and she looked up at me.

“Yes you were, but you’re a heck of a lot cuter than my mom.” I gave her a smile and saw Skylar wink at me in the background. I looked at her and gestured inside the room with my head. She nodded and came over to us.

“I’m guessing the other boys are still out?” she asked when she got to me.

“Maybe you can wake Luke with a kiss.” I smirked at her.

“Hold that thought” Sky whispered something in Emily’s ear and she smiled and the both walked back to their rooms and returned moments later with Claire and Mary. I smiled; I knew what they had planned. I just opened the door wider to let them in.

“Do as you wish.” I grabbed Emily’s wrist and stepped out with Emily to let Skylar, Mary, and Claire take care of the boys.


Michael’s POV


I felt something soft and warm on my lips. I didn’t know what it was but it made me happy. I wanted to open my eyes but its like they were sealed shut. Suddenly it stopped and my lips were cold.

“OW!” I yelled as something hit my stomach. I looked up and saw Claire straddling me.

“Good morning sunshine” She gave me a sweet smile with glossy eyes.

“Why can’t I be mad at her?” I said out loud without meaning to. I realized what I did and looked at Claire. She just smiled, kissed her middle and pointer finger, and patted my head with them.

“Well Mikey you and the boys should get ready.” I snapped my head around to see Skylar leaning against the doorframe with Ash and Emily behind her and a smirk on her face.

“Then you might want to wake up Luke.” I said sitting up as soon as Claire got off.  Skylar just smirked at me then climbed up to Luke’s bunk to try and wake him.


Calum’s POV


“OW!” I heard Mikey scream and woke up but my eyes wouldn’t open till I felt someone plop down on my chest. I snapped my eyes open only to find Mary hovering over me.

“Well looks like you finally decided to wake up.” She got up from my bed and just stood there smiling and looking in my eyes.

“What time is it?” I yawned still not awake. The sun was shinning outside and we were all up except for Luke. Skylar was up on his bunk trying to be gentle waking him. She must really not know Luke is dead in the morning.

“Let’s just say you boys should get ready, and Skylar stop being so sweet and wake up your Barbie boyfriend.” Claire laughed. Sky just shrugged and went back to shaking him and trying to get him up. Good luck with that Skylar, that won’t wake him up.


Emily’s POV


Ashton took me out in the hallway while the rest of the girls got to work on their boys. Ash looked a little nervous and I got a sad felling in my heart.

“Look Emily. I think you should know how I feel” I looked up at Ashton and was frozen when he locked eyes with me. “I really like you a lot, and whenever I’m around you my heart spends up, I can’t concentrate, and who knows how long it will be before I can’t stop myself and hurt you.”

“Ash” I put my hands on his shoulders. “I trust you and know you won’t hurt me. Skylar wouldn’t let you anywhere near me if she thought you were capable of hurting me. Please don’t worry so much.” I smiled and put my hand around Ashton’s neck and pulled his head towards me. Our lips connected and fireworks exploded inside me. Ash slipped his hands around my waist as I put mine around his neck and deepened the kiss while climbing on my toes to get some height because he was pretty tall and I was much shorter than Skylar and Claire.

“Alright you two break it up. This is a hallway.” Michael was right outside their door dressed ready and his arm over Claire’s shoulders almost like she was supporting him. Calum followed holding Mary’s hand.  Finally Luke came out looking like he literally just rolled out of bed (he kind of did) with his arm wrapped around Skylar’s waist holding her. I gave Ashton one last peck on the cheek then ran back to my room to grab my stuff and head downstairs.


Luke’s POV


“Man you guys look awful this morning.” Tim said when we entered the common room.

“Well having a teenage girl jab you in the gut isn’t the best way to wake up.” Michael looked down at Claire. “You could have just kissed me awake like Sky did to Luke.”

“Wait… when did Skylar kiss me?” I asked Mikey and looked at Sky.

“I didn’t kiss him, just kept shaking him, and I had to yell ‘Lucas Robert Hemmings!’ at him before he got up.”

“I hate when people call me Lucas.” I groaned and glared at Sky. She just smiled at me then walked over to the couch leaned on the arm and started talking to Conor who was sitting down.

“Alright dolls you all ready to go?” Kim appeared out of nowhere. Everybody simply nodded their heads, grabbed their bags, and went outside where a silver van with a blue trailer was waiting for them to get on. The boys and I all climbed into a black ranger rover. Calum got in the diver’s seat; I was in the passenger while Ash was behind me and Mickey was behind Cal in the back. We waited for everyone else to load up, then gave Kim a thumbs up that we were ready. She smiled and nodded then pulled into Sydney traffic with us right behind her. We didn’t even get five miles I could see through the back window of the van they were having fun and acting like best friends. As we got on the highway we drove up in the lane next to them so we could see through the side windows. That’s when something caught my eye that bothered me. Ryan was sitting right next to Skylar and looked too close to her, and was whispering in her ear. I balled my hands into fists and felt Ash’s hand on my shoulder.

“Dude calm down, she’s into you remember, she would be stupid to dump you for him.” Ash reassured me. I calmed down a bit but didn’t look that way for the rest of the five hours we were driving.

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