Love Halfway Around The World

Skylar and her friends were just taking a trip up the East coast of Australia. All they wanted to do was have an adventure.They were not looking for any love or relationships. But what happens when Luke Hemmings runs into Skylar in the Streets of Central Sydney and gets Hooked? And what about when the other three boys fall for three of Skylar's friends?


11. Conor!

Skylar’s POV


I was in Luke’s arms rocking back and forth when I looked over his shoulder and saw Claire and Mikey…KISSING! A huge smile began to spread across my face.

“What up?” Luke asked seeing the smile on my face. I just chuckled and pointed over his shoulder and he turned around to see Claire and Mikey. He let out a small whistle and got Ash and Cal to look at us. Luke then cocked his head towards Mikey and Claire. Ash and Cal saw them just before they pulled away and saw us looking and turned bright red.

“Finally got a kiss from Claire eh?” I walked to Mikey and gave him a wink and mouthed nice job at Claire.

“Okay if you’re all done obsessing about them kissing, I think we should all get our ladies back seeing as they’ve been walking in heels all night and it’s getting pretty late.” Ashton said looking at his watch. We all nodded and followed him out of the club; all of our hands interlocked.

Finally back at the hostel I looked in the lounge to see Tim but no one else. He was on the couch with his head and his heads and looked upset. I told Luke I’d be right back. I walked over to Tim and when he noticed me he shot out of his chair.

“Sky you’re back!”

“Yeah, Tim what’s wrong?”

“It’s Conor.”

“What about him?” I asked suddenly nervous.

“He’s missing”

“WHAT?” I screamed getting everyone’s attention and Luke started towards me slowly with a confused expression.

“Everyone is out looking for him and told me to stay here and wait for you    guys to get back, but no luck finding him so far.” Tim said tears streaming down his face. Luke was about to reach me but I turned and bolted out of the hostel not even caring I was in heels. I could hear Luke calling my name but didn’t stop. How could Conor go missing? I had to find him I just had to.


Luke’s POV


“Skylar!” I yelled as she bolted out of the hostel. I turned back to Tim

“Uh hi?” Tim said looking nervous and like I was about to hit him.

“Why are you acting so scared?”

“Because you probably think I made Skylar cry, and are going to pound my face in.”

“Well, did you?” I asked searching his face

“Uh…well” Tim looked like his was terrified of me, and I just sighed

“Tell me what happened, I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Well Conor is kind of missing and I think Skylar is really worried so when I told her she basically sprinted out of here to go look for him. I’m worried too and being here alone doesn’t help.”

“Okay the girls can stay here with you and the rest of us will find Conor.” I smiled patting his back then I walked back to everyone else and told the girls to stay with Tim and the guys come with me. Mary, Emily, and Claire walked over to Tim to comfort him while the guys followed me and we all walked out of the hostel.


Conor’s POV


I was propped up against a wall in an alley covered in blood and most likely had a few broken bones. On the way back to the hostel I heard some guys talking about Skylar and saying they were going to get her drunk and sleep with her. I wasn’t going to let that happen to my best friend. Skylar is the most important person in the world to me, and I promised her a long time ago that I would always be there for her. I promised I would protect her and I wasn’t about to break that promise. I told them to back off of Sky. I would hunt them down and kill them if they put a single finger on her. I stood up for her and got beat up for it.

Man I don’t want Skylar to see me this way. This would break her heart into a million pieces. To see me so broken and unable to even stand would just kill her. I just prayed someone would find me. Then someone did, but it was the one person I was hopping wouldn’t.

“OH MY GOD!!!!” I heard her voice and looked up to she her running up to me. Skylar Rose Porter, my best friend. This is the worst time to see her face. She looks more broken than me. “Conor, what happened to you?” she looked at the blood all over my face. I tried to speak but was too weak to even try. “Just sit tight.” Sky whipped out her phone and called Cal telling him where we were then called an ambulance and I felt her warm arms carefully hold onto me. She was so warm and made me feel safe. I gave into her warmth and heard sirens and her voice begging me to stay with her, and then everything went black.


Calum’s POV


I was running down the street when my phone suddenly started to ring showing Sky’s name on the screen. I answered and she told me where she was and that Conor needed and ambulance. I stopped the other guys. “Mates I just got a call from Skylar, she found Conor but he’s banged up pretty bad.”

“Where is she?” Luke turned to me

“An alley by the restaurant we ate at but she told us to just get to the hospital, she called for help so she wants us to meet her there.” I answered and flagged down a cab.


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