Love Halfway Around The World

Skylar and her friends were just taking a trip up the East coast of Australia. All they wanted to do was have an adventure.They were not looking for any love or relationships. But what happens when Luke Hemmings runs into Skylar in the Streets of Central Sydney and gets Hooked? And what about when the other three boys fall for three of Skylar's friends?


17. 5 Years Later

5 years later


Skylar’s POV


I woke up to crying and Annika and Saya yelling.

“Mommy, Daddy Zach is crying again and I can’t sleep”

“Skylar can you go take care of Zachary and I get the girls back to sleep.” Luke asked me as he unwrapped his arms from me and sat up. I nodded and got of bed and walked across the hall to Zachary’s room. He was crying a lot but when he saw me his eyes lit up and he started to calm down as soon as I held him. Zachary was only about 10 months old and Annika and Saya were both 4. Zachary looks just like Luke but has my eyes; Annika and Saya on the other hand look just like me but have Luke’s eyes. After I changed Zach’s diaper and gave him some milk he fell asleep within seconds and I gently placed him back in his crib. It was completely quiet which means both the girls went back to sleep. I smiled and walked back to our room and climbed into bed. Seconds later Luke walked in and climbed in next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me against his chest facing away from him. “I love you Skylar, so much.”

“I love you too Lucas” He smiled against my neck then buried his face in my hair. I just smiled to myself and soon fell into a deep sleep.


“Aww, he is so cute!” Emily squeals holding Zach in her arms as he laughs

“Yeah he’s a mini Luke with Skylar’s eyes.” Ash says standing behind Emily

“He’s probably going to be really hot like his dad when he’s older.” Mary laughs and Cal pretends to pout. Mary looks at Cal and laughs. “Aw don’t worry baby I still thinks you’re the hottest guy here.” Mary smiles and kisses Cal’s cheek.

“MOMMY!” Annika comes running in looking like she was about the cry, and I knew it was Saya’s doing. Saya is a bit like me in high school. She has a talent for trouble.

“Hey Claire can you take Annika and everyone else into the TV room Luke and I need to speak with Saya alone.” Claire nods, picks up Annika and leaves the room. I turn to Saya as she walks into the room. “Saya what did you do to your sister this time?” I asked sternly

“Mom it’s not my fault Annika is scared of everything.” Saya frowns at me

“Saya-” Luke cuts me off

“Honey you and Annika are twins, sisters. You two should get along and be nice to each other. Annika will be nicer and even let you borrow some of her stuff if you do the same.” Luke sighs and bends down in front of Saya. “Please be nice to your sister okay sweetheart? I would really make your mother and me very happy.” Luke says with an enchanted smile that always worked on the girls.

“Okay daddy I promise”


Luke’s POV


Zachary in nearly two and the girls are almost six. We are all growing up and creating families. Claire and Mikey had a young boy named Jax who is only 2 months old. He has short brown hair like Claire and Mikey’s bright green eyes. They are also expecting a second kid and plan to name her Emma or him Alex.

Cal and Mary have a 5-month-old girl with black hair and deep brown eyes, named Ally. Mary wants a second child as well but Cal isn’t totally on board yet even though everyone else is including Sky and me.

Ash and Emily have a 1-year-old son named Lucas, and a 2-month-old daughter named Skylnn. J. Lucas has Ash’s curly hair but is Emily’s color and his eyes shine like Ashton’s. Skylnn has Emily’s hair but also Ash’s eyes. They all have perfect children. I couldn’t be happier for everyone. We all got to marry amazing girls who happen to be friends, and begin to build the perfect family with them.


Conor is also still around and he got married to Chris. He proposed to her at our Wedding by having us perform “marry you” by Bruno Mars. They have two 3-year-old boys that look just like him but have Chris’s green eyes. Conor decided to name them Ben and Jack after my brothers. They also have a 1-year-old named Robert after me. Chris also is pregnant with a girl who will be Rose after Skylar.


Aileen is still seen a lot these days. After Josh cheated on her with Mercedes the school slut, they broke up and she started dating Sky’s cousin Adam. He has dark brown hair quaffed up, very tan skin close to Calum and dark brown eyes. After only ten months they got married and now have two kids. A 10-month-old girl named Sarah and a 1-month-old boy named Dylan. Sarah looks just like Aileen but her hair and brownish blond, where as Dylan looks just like Adam. She stills comes around every once in a while to see Sky.


“Hey Luke” I hear Sky’s worried voice and run into the bathroom to find her holding a pregnancy test. I smile and hug her.

“We are having another kid.“ I scream and spin her around as she laughs.

“I’m so happy you’re happy about it.” She smiled and nuzzled her face in the crook of my neck

“Of course I’m happy. Now come on, Aiden called and Matt is calling for you.” Matt is Aiden’s son and looks just like him. He is 5 years old and adores Skylar. Sky nods and we get to Aiden’s house and spend the rest of the day with all the kids playing together.

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