What's wrong with loving a girl?

Amber never really had a crush before, until one day. But, she'd also always considered herself straight, but she's now doubting that theory.


1. The realization

  I had always thought I was just a normal, everyday, extremely average, STRAIGHT, teen. Until one day, I found out the Straight part, might not be so true. 


I was sitting in my favorite tree, reading, at the park, (Yes, I have a favorite tree.) when I looked down to see that a girl had just sat down under the tree and pulled out a book, the girl's hair was dyed red, much like how mine was dyed purple. I leaned forward to see what book it was and- "Oof!" I had fallen out of the tree, only a yard or two away from her. I slowly tried to sit up, my hair in my face, she came rushing over. "Oh my god! Are you okay?" Her voice, it was beautiful. I looked up to see her face and it, just like her voice, was even more beautiful. "Y-yeah." I said starting to stand up. No bruises, no scratches, nothing. Just a beautiful girl standing in front of me.

Wait, I'm straight... why am I thinking like this? I don't like girls! Or do I... maybe I'm not straight after all.

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