What's wrong with loving a girl?

Amber never really had a crush before, until one day. But, she'd also always considered herself straight, but she's now doubting that theory.


4. Help has Arrived

I sat in my room, watching out the window for a car. I feel stupid for asking someone I just met to come save me from my dad, but I don't have any one else who could, no friends, all of my family lives far away, older brother is at- Oh no... When Caleb gets home, he has to deal with Dad too. What am I gonna do? Is there anything I can do? I went to text him, but my phone was on 1%, not enough battery to text or call him.

I watched as a car pulled up in front of the house and Mia got out. I grabbed my backpack that had, art supplies, clothes, and other thing I would need and quietly limped out of my room, but as soon as I got down the stairs, my dad peers out of his room. "Where are you going?!" His words were even more slurred than before. He slapped me across the face, Mia knocked on the door. He threw me to the ground, I was in critical pain and couldn't even stand up. That's when Mia, and who I'm guessing is her older brother bust through the door, her brother quickly picked me up and ran out the door with Mia and I, my Dad tried to chase after us but he was too slow.


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