I guess you believe everything your parents told you. Well don't! Out there is multiple galaxys that will change the way you think. Know that you might be to young to understand, and also that I am truly sorry for any pain I might have cause Earth or your family.



    So... yeah. I guess you're here to learn the truth about Earth. The universe even! Take great precaution. What did your parents tell you? Lies! Don't believe them for a second. What I am about to tell you WILL surprise you, so if you want to believe everything your parents, grandparents, siblings, everyone, do not read this. Otherwise, if you are the unlucky few who read this, keep this hidden away. Keep the truth from the small minds. I am sorry for any pain I have caused your family or your earth. I am sorry.                                                                                             


   "MASON! Wake up! You have to get ready for work." HA! You thought that I had a boyfriend or a roommate to get me up! Nah, that's just my head. Most people would say that they feel the same way. You know, waking up because that's what their brain tells them. I mean literally.
​   I come from a planet in a far away system called The Majestic Zone. In our system we thrive. Except for of course my family. I lived, (past tense,) on a planet named Everlasting. It seems like a weird name, but that's the translation, for on Everlasting we have a vast vocabulary and language that you would not even begin to understand.
​   Everlasting had trees of all colors; blue, purple, pink. And we had green grass all 596 days of the year.
​   Of course I barely got to see any of those things ever.
​   Everlasting is a planet with a supposed democracy. That was what they told the people, but that was a lie. We could have become a democracy if it was ever legally passed. We were, and still are, a monarchy. Some people in parliament became jealous of the royal family and how everyone adored them because the family never had a bad apple. Their ways were peaceful, and they were great rulers. They started making people think that the family had given up on ruling and we passed a law saying we were a democracy. Then they came after the royal family. Killing them all. The rest of them went into hiding, or faced death in the horrific ways the Democs permitted.
​  The Democs are what we call them. Some people in the government are good, and truly believe that Everlasting is a democracy, and have no recollection of the monarchy, for it is lost in history. That was a long time ago, and the history books were burned, so no one remembers the time of the royals. The Democs still reigned, so the royal family is still in hiding, and each generation the story moves on, in hopes of getting the truth out there.
​   I was sent away from Everlasting, in hopes of finding people to help me stop the Democs. Do you get what I mean? Or do you not understand?
​   The royals were found, my siblings taken prisoner, and there were no survivors. I was the only one who escaped. Now do you see what I am saying? Or are you still absentminded in your thoughts? I'll just lay it out there. I am the princess, I am the last remaining royal from Everlasting. And I may be in another galaxy away from Everlasting, but in a way, I am still in hiding. Cause the Democs know I live, they just don't know where.
​  I was seven years old.
​  When I found Earth, I crash landed in a hidden military base in the middle of nowhere. After I told them my story, I was sent to a special home, where they could watch me. The people there didn't hurt me, and they took care of me. They helped me learn and train my newfound powers. They pushed me to the brink of exhaustion everyday, so that I could survive out in the real world.
​  Now, everyone thinks that I would be tested, leaked to the press, but no. They trained aliens all the time, but most were locked away for their crimes. They wanted me to have the choice of helping many others, and I still do.
​  They found the good in me, and the letter in my space pod helped them understand everything I had gone through.
​  I was given a new home, with a new family, and they raised me. I learned that the past cannot disappear, and it cannot be forgotten. The past is apart of you, and you cannot change that, so you must live with it.
​  So now that you know my tragedy, I bet you would like to move to happier thoughts. Like puppies and rainbows. (I must say, your animals on earth are most delightful.) But know one more thing. Something even no one on the base knows, in case of an invasion. No one knows of my heritage. No one knows I am royalty. And the letter in my space pod? It only said I was in danger if I stayed on Everlasting. No one must know. Ever. 


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