I guess you believe everything your parents told you. Well don't! Out there is multiple galaxys that will change the way you think. Know that you might be to young to understand, and also that I am truly sorry for any pain I might have cause Earth or your family.


2. To Train or not to Train


   So, now that we TOTALLY left the last chapter on a happy thought, we should probably get on with the story.
​   "I'm up! I'm up!" I slammed my face in my pillow so hard, some of the stuffing came out. I groaned. My adoptive cousin will kill me since that is the, 1st, no, 3rd? No that either. OH! The 5th! Not that. WHATEVER! Point is, I did that a lot. I should really stop doing that to the pillow just to show absolutely no one that I want to get up.
​  My cousin, Tristan burst in the door with a big smile.
​  "Good morning alien cousin who is amazing and promised that she would spar with me!" Tristan then looked down at the stuffing beside my bed. I turned to face him and sat with my legs crossed on the bed.
​  "Meg is gonna kill you, or at least try since your powers will prevent her from killing you." Tristan still stood in the doorway.
​   I rubbed my eyes, trying to wake up.
​  "You know what surprises me? That you come from a different planet, destined to help people, but you cannot even help yourself to get out of bed in the mornings." He shrugged and without another word, slammed the door shut and left.
​   Scratch that. Tristan could never stop talking.
​  Tristan and Meg were twins, and my adoptive parents were unable to have kids, and the twins were my age, so my cousins were basically my siblings.
​  "I'm freaking twenty two years old, and I still haven't killed him." I slowly rose out of bed, and tried to sweep the stuffing underneath my bed.
​   My bedroom was about the size of an average master's bedroom. Which meant it was huge. The walls were deep purple, with silver and gold swirls. I walked into my closet and pressed a key on my wall and zoomed into my closet to put on clothes and immediately zoomed out and pressed the key again. 
​  "YES! Beat your stupid record Tristan!" If you couldn't tell, me and Tristan compete at everything.
   I heard muffled screaming from downstairs.
​   I laughed and shouted back, "YOU'RE SO VERY WELCOME!"
​   I went to my vanity and put my long black and velvet hair in a ponytail. No matter how hard I tried, but velvet streaks were part of DNA and no hair dye could cover it.
​  I raced out of my room and down the stairs. "Morning Meg." I told my cousin as she was flipping pancakes.
​  "I certainly loved hearing my brother and cousin screeching at each other this morning. Especially the part about how fast you could get ready. You two are utterly ridiculous. I also thought we agreed to try to stop using your telekinesis and telepathy in the house."
​  "About that Meg. You never said no running in the house, plus running is not a superpower. If you recall I took track in high school." I grinned as she laughed and handed me a plate of pancakes.

   "Where'd Tristan go? Plus do we have syrup?" I said cutting up my pancakes.
​   "Tristan went to the base already so he could, 'Get ready to beat your butt,' but I assume to just get extra protection. The syrup is in the fridge, i'll get-"
​   "Too late." I told her as I concentrated and opened the fridge and pushed bottles and things aside and pulled the syrup out. I brought it past Meg's face and made it do loops around her head and brought it to me. All while she glared at me.
​   "You're lucky I love you and that you're and alien or else I would kill you after we just talked about your powers." Meg sighed.
​   "Girl. I swear, you have been training for years, and you use your powers constantly. I know you have the choice to go out there and help people, and the heart, but will you ever?"
​  I looked down at my plate and scooted my pancakes around in my syrup. I couldn't tell her. I couldn't tell her about my heritage and that the Democs might find me easier.
​  "Meg, I can't. I would do anything to help people, but you don't understand. You know what? Why don't we kick Tristan's butt out of here tonight and just have a girl's night. We could invite Iggy and just watch movies and such." Meg smiled at that and nodded.
​  "Just know that you know what I want you to do, and all those bad aliens out there," she sighed, "our secret base for the government. We can't do anything about it. You know you can talk to me right? Nevermind. I won't pry. I'll tell Iggy, but remember, that means no powers. Iggy doesn't know and I would just love to keep it that way. Now scoot, Tristan is waiting."
​  I got out of my chair, waved one last goodbye and went out the door to go to the base. Meg is really careful with me. She honestly acts like a mom instead of a cousin. I guess since my parents are on their vacation and she feels the need to watch out for me and Tristan. I know that asking her for a girl's night right after our icky situation is weird, but she just broke up with her boyfriend, and we spent many tissue's and a lot of money on ice cream.
​  I looked at my surroundings outside my house. (If you can't tell I live with my cousins.) Even though we live inside the military base, and everyone knows about my powers, it's still nice to be safe, we can't risk a leak. I bent my knees and kicked off the ground. I flew up into the clouds, careful not to go to high to get sunburnt. That was a horrible day when IO learned that lesson. The wind in my hair, my tank top moving ever so slightly against the fifteen miles per hour speed. As soon as I saw the base, I slowed down about a mile away. I didn't have a cape, so aerodynamics. Duh!
​   I touched down in the open courtyard right before the entrance.
​   The large stone building illuminating in front of me. In the sky, you couldn't even tell it was here due to high tech technology, but on the ground, it is obvious.
​   Large glass windows were everywhere, showing science labs and stairwells down to the prisoner cells below. A water fountain was right inside the glass doors.
​   People in tight black suits wandered inside, working on hiding alien life. What a coincidence that I landed on an alien base.
​   I waved and smiled at people as I walked in, only to meet my uncle frowning at me.
​   "Mason. You're late."
​   "Sorry Wes. I  had some things to do this morning." I crossed my arms to mimic his. My blue eyes boring into his. His black hair spiked on end. For a fifty something old guy, he looked young.
​  "You mean sleeping? Morning Dad. Mason agreed to help me train." Tristan walked over and placed his elbow on my shoulder as if it was an arm rest, making me wriggle out of his grasp.
​  "Trist, I thought we agreed not to do this any more. Remember what happened last time you spared against you? You broke your arm, and got a concussion. Plus I had to repair a wall, and your sister's lab."
​  Uncle Wes looked me in the eyes. By the way, Uncle Wes doesn't hate me, no matter how it may appear. He is just worried for me, because he fears that I may get hurt in the making of anything I do. He really does care. 
  "We'll be careful. Promise."
​  Before Uncle Wes could answer, Tristan pulled me away towards the sparing area.
​  "You realize how cliché that is. You know. 'We'll be careful,' while I punch you."
​  "That is unlikely since you promised not to use your powers."
​  "To train or not to train. I can't help my defensive powers, plus why are you so worried? You asked for this! You cared Uncle Wes is gonna make you pay for the damages?" I teased.
​  "Ha ha." Tristan tried to sound confident but he was scared, you could tell. Of course while he was fake laughing, I was actually laughing.
​  "Fine Tristan, I'll not use my shields and I'll place protection around the area, but I am so using my telekinesis and flying. Especially since in the real world, you'll have to face worse. Besides, if you do get a few injuries, I'll just physically move the bones and stuff back into place. Simple."
​   You could hear his gulp from a mile away. Plus you could also hear his, "Oh god, why am I such an idiot?" under his breath.
​   "You asked for this, why so worried?"
​   "I sort of forgot about my injuries, and all other aspects of training with an alien."
​    I laughed again, "Tristan, to train or not to train. It's Shakespeare logic."





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