No One Ever Knew...

Piper just moved to her new school, and she is positive that there is something wrong with. The history of the school isn't the best, and the principal never comes out of his office. She is determined to figure out the secrets of this school, even if she has to die to figure it out.


2. The Window Around the Corner

"This school doesn't have the best reputation if you didn't already know," Howard said. 


"The disappearances? Ring a bell?" 

I shook my head. "No...sorry." 

"It's fine. It's not like I needed you to know that, ya know?" He put his hands in his blazer pockets before continuing on. "This school is weird. It is not your normal everyday school. I mean, yeah, it has a high education standard. But I don't mean that. I mean...its weird history." 

"What about it?"

"Well, every time a newcomer to the city--someone like you--they disappear. Mainly the children. They'll come to this school. They'll be here for a few weeks. Then...then they disappear. It's all creepy, you know?"

I stop in my tracks. Was he literally trying to scare me? He was so bad at it.

He walks a few more steps ahead before turning around, a confused look on his face. "Did I say something wrong?" 

I cross my arms, my hips jutting out to one side, my foot tapping. "Um...hello? Did you not hear what you just said? If you're trying to scare me, you're doing a horrible job at it!"

I turn around and take a deep breath. "My God! I'm so stupid."

The thing was, was that I wasn't angry at him for telling me that freaking story. I was more angry at myself, for ever believing him. It was a mistake. Mom was right. Never, ever, ever trust somebody on the first day of school. Especially in towns like these, where everybody knew each other, just like in the movies.

He raised up his hands innocently. "I'm telling you the truth! I'm not lying!"

I glare at him, and from his expression, I could tell I was scaring him as much as I was scaring myself. "Yeah...sure. And how am I to trust you? How am I to know whether you are lying or telling the truth, huh? I freaking just met you! Tell me how I can know whether or not you are a trustworthy person? Huh?"

He was silent. He had no reply. Not like I cared. Every time I defy Mother, I learn that she's right. She's always right, and I'm always least that how it seems to me. I take one deep glance at him. Studying every line of his face, making sure I remember every detail so that I can remember the boy who tried to scare me. The boy I couldn't trust.

I turn around, running away from him. My backpack is heavy against my back. I want to drop it, but I know that Mom would be unhappy--the cost of this backpack was too high just for it to get stolen or lost. I turn around the corner, and then another corner, passing up the door. I was crying. I could feel the hot tears streaming down my face. Bu the thing was: why was I crying? I had nothing to cry for, I don't think. Mom moved us to a good place, even though she could've thrown me anywhere. She could've left me out of heartbreak. But she didn't. Mom didn't do that. She kept me, even though I could see the depression in her eyes. She had loved Dad, but he didn't love her back. She was heartbroken, misled, and hurt--like a wounded fox. 

But it was the pressure of it all, I think. The pressure of pleasing Mom, myself, and everything and everyone around me that led me to tears. I closed my eyes. I wasn't looking. I was lost in my own abyss of darkness of my mind. That soothed me, to think about. It was nice to think about. I wanted to stay there, where everything was nice and perfect. I wasn't too hungry or thirsty. Too tired or hyper. To bored or too satisfied. I was just right. Just right.

The crack of my head against the wall echoed in my ears. There was some pain. Lots of pain. I opened my eyes, but all I could see was white. I checked for blood. Clean. I breathed a sigh of relief. I soon got my eyesight back. I looked up to see what I had crashed into. It seemed to be a window. What behind it? 

I got up wobbly, still a little disoriented after my little crash into the wall. I gasped. Blood. Blood on the window. A bloody handprint. Behind it, it was pitch black. I lean forward, squinting to see if I could make out anything or anyone. Nothing. I leaned back, still squinting to see if there was anything I could find. Nothing. I turned away when I saw something. A flash of pale skin, wide, crazy eyes staring at me. A maniac smile on its face. I could hear its breathing, I could see the warm air fogging up the window. I thought the thing's eyes could get no wider, but it did. Its smile disappeared though. It was stunned. Then, breathing on purpose on the glass, it wrote with a grimy finger: Help me. I looked up at it and it nodded. I backed away slowly, shaking my head. I was seeing things. Yeah! That was it.

I saw its mouth form a screaming shape. I saw a hand on the thing's head, before it was pulled back into the darkness. The tears were flowing, more steady. I was starting to see dark spots on my vision. I lost my balance, and I went crashing to the floor once again. The last thing I felt was blood, fresh and warm on my head. 

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