No One Ever Knew...

Piper just moved to her new school, and she is positive that there is something wrong with. The history of the school isn't the best, and the principal never comes out of his office. She is determined to figure out the secrets of this school, even if she has to die to figure it out.


6. New Girl

I was so happy when the bell rang. No more teasing. I didn't go back inside of the school in the morning--worried that I would bump into Howard and someone would catch us and make up some stupid rumor that he and I were going into the school in the morning so that we can have some type of romantic celebration of something. I don't know how the whole teasing thing works--I've never done it myself. 

I walked inside of the school and to the room labeled 102. I looked at the teacher, an attractive man that most likely had the eye of every young woman teacher at this school. Possibly every old. He beckoned me to sit down in any chair--we most likely didn't have a seating chart. I chose a chair at the front.  

I glanced ever so slightly around the classroom to see who was in this class. And of course, to my worst nightmares, Howard was there, at the very back of the corner. I sighed and turned towards the front, doing my best to ignore the fact that he was in there, and all the whispers. 

The Attractive Young Male Teacher pointed at me and said, "Your name?"

"Piper. Piper Simmons."

He leaned down close and whispered in my ear, "I don't want any trouble going on with you and Howard, understood?"

I wanted to slap him. Even though I wanted to defy Mother's rule of being a proper young lady, I couldn't and I didn't know why. I could almost never defy Mom. Like a puppet. "Yes, sir." 

I wanted to add something more, so I did. "Also, there is nothing going on between Howard and me." 

TAYMT (Attractive Young Male Teacher) stood back up and nodded and said, "Last class, we were learning about calculating the area of a trapezoid. Would anyone like to demonstrate for the class?"

He held the chalk out to me. Could this day get any worse? 


Lunch...the time students relish for. The time where they can talk freely and eat and drink and anything else they want to. Except for fighting. 

I went into the lunch line. No whispers so far. Everyone seemed so caught up in their own conversations with their friends. Good. 

It was when I was walking from the lunch line. I was expecting that foot to come from under the table. It was under the table previously. Just when I was about to pass was when it popped out. My foot hooked onto it and I flew forward. My spaghetti went and flew into my hair. The sauce was all over my blazer. I took a deep breath.

"Too bad your Lil' love wasn't there to catch you," one boy said. The boy who tripped me. I glanced at him. "Whatcha gon' do? Run 'way?" He leaned forward. "Is that a tear I see?"

No. Not today. It was bad enough. My mom controlling me. The whispers. Those people that I needed to help. Almost everything was on me. But this? This display of humiliation. Ha. It wasn't going to happen.

I stood up. I stood up taller than I ever stood before. I looked the boy straight in the eye. I gritted my teeth so hard I expected them to crumble to powder in my mouth. I picked a strand of spaghetti out of my hair and looked at it. I dropped it on him. He rolled his eyes and sighed. "That's the best you can do?" 

He stood up. We stood eye to eye. "No. I guess it isn't." 

With that, I slapped him so hard. I slapped him so hard, I could hear his teeth shift. I slapped him so hard he flew to the ground. I slapped so hard, blood came out of his nose. I slapped so hard he started crying like a girl. Nobody went to go help him. They just stood, silent. The only sound you could hear was his sobs. I was angry, and tired, and wanted to kill everybody in that room. But I didn't. But I did say, "That's not the best I can do. I can do far worse. Take that--" I pointed to the boy, then spat on him "--take that as a warning. A warning not to mess with me. A warning that dealing with people like you is something I don't want to deal with." 

I walked out the cafeteria. My shoes echoing on the floor. 

Nobody knew, but I was actually quite pleased with what I did. I was ready. I was ready to battle, to fight, and to save. 

Nothing stood in my way. 

Well, one thing did: finding a door. Now that was a problem. 

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