No One Ever Knew...

Piper just moved to her new school, and she is positive that there is something wrong with. The history of the school isn't the best, and the principal never comes out of his office. She is determined to figure out the secrets of this school, even if she has to die to figure it out.


7. AfterSchool

[Author Note: Sorry I haven't uploaded in a while...I was trying to get some inspiration...But thanks for all your support and kindness!!! It means A LOT]

"PIPER!!!" Mom yelled. 

I wanted to cover my ears and wipe the spit off of my face...but I knew that would only make her angrier...

It felt kinda nice to take control. Lead my own life. It felt freeing. But I still had to deal with my mother. And that was the last thing I wanted to do. 

"Calm down, Ms Simmons. I am sure there is an explanation for her actions, and I take that we should--" the Vice Principal started. 

"NO! My gosh...I thought you were really taking control of your life in a more mature manner...Not just barging in and attacking the first poor boy you see!!!" 

"Mom, I--" 

"Does it look like I care?!" she snapped. 

"Yes," I snapped back. She gave me a very sharp look that seemed as though it could cut through steel. " should..." 

"And why should I?"

"You're my mom..." I started. She stared at me, unimpressed. 

"You're are my mom, and as my mom, you have to guide me--"

"That is what I've been doing!!!" she exclaimed.

"Not controlling. Telling me what I should and shouldn't do. You have to give me some lead-way to make my own mistakes. And let me learn from my mistakes, as well. Talk to me about them...not yell." 

Crap. I was starting to tear up.

"And listen to all sides of the story...Try to find all the evidence to come up with a proper punishment for my mistake. But don't yell. Don't. It gets tiresome. It makes the kid feel useless. It makes the kid feel hopeless, that there is no one there to lean hurts, even more, when you parent isn't there." 

Boy, I was hoping for a Hallmark Movie Scene. We would kiss and makeup and that obstacle would be out of the way. But of course, that wouldn't happen. It never would happen. She would never was just all about her and her ideas and feelings...

Not about me...Piper the Puppet.

"Aww...sweetie," Mom said sweetly and softly. 

Was...was this actually going to happen? 

"That is just stupid. The whole point of being a parent is to make sure you build up your kids to be what you envision them doing and accomplishing. When they follow their dreams, they make stupid mistakes like this and grow up to be stupid people. At least that is what my mother told me. And I agree one hundred percent with her--this world is messed up enough...the last thing we need is one more mistake."


"Everything nowadays is just a mistake. Oops, I accidentally killed somebody--a mistake. And then they get twenty years in prison. Why not life?!" 

It seemed I was standing outside of my body. Looking at a girl, sad and depressed, and feeling oh so alone. Feeling that there was no companionship her life, even with her mother. She was just a puppet. A puppet with only two emotions. Sadness and pain...


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