R u n a w a y

"As I left him, I missed his touch, his feel and his love. I ran away once again. Leaving the life of love from my reach."


1. The Understatement

Monday February 5

3:27 a m

Knock/ knock/

As my eyes heavily opened, I opened my phone to see the time. The screen blinded me with an unsteady head ache. Again, someone knocked on the door. For the third night in a row. I threw my blanket over to let my feet escape from the warmth. I walked to the door which was right across the living room. I turned the light on. As I unlocked the door, my stomach began to growl.

"Hello" I whisper as I opened the door.

"Lola Winters, finally you decided to open the door." His voice croaked with wickedness.

Even Andrews, the rapist who took my neighbor. He wanted to take me, but I ran in time. I tried closing the door, but his guards were faster and stronger. I ran to my kitchen, grabbing a knife from the drawers. As the guards ran after me, I ran to the bathroom and locked the door.

"Open up you bitch!" Even yelled, with anger.

As I sat in the corner with my knife in my hands, the door began pounding. Harder and harder. In seconds the door broke, in hours so would my heart.

I stabbed them first guard in the hand. Then in the neck, blood spilling like water in a sink everywhere. But after that I was smacked in the head with a pan.

Saturday February 27

12:46 a m

"Rise and shine ladies!" Even yelled with excitement.

"We have a very important day today, where only the best will be bought. From rich men. The leftovers are left for the elders." He laughed, coughs in-between words.

I looked around to see 15 or so girls tied on a pole. The ages above their head, along with weight, and names their given. Numbers and prices were also placed above their heads. I was so tired and my eyes, were blinded of the different colors around the room. Many girls were yelling, crying and some passed out. I scanned the room, searching for the youngest age. 11 years old. It looked like she was happy? She was smiling, as if she was flirting with the buyers as they walked in. We only wore under garments.

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