Broken Things

TRIGGER WARNING! Hello, I am Cassidy White, this is my story.


1. "Why aren't you eating, Cass?"


*Cassidy's POV*

           "WAKE UP!" I suddenly jolted awake to a loud, high pitched voice. "CASS!" I was being shaken by small hands. My little sister's hands. "Ugh, Amelia, let me sleep!" I groaned. "Mom sent me to wake me up!" She kept shaking me. "Whyyyy?" I whined. "FOR SCHOOL!" Amelia screamed. I quickly sat up, I had completely forgotten! Today was my first day at my new high school. Not like I'm excited or anything, to be honest I'm dreading it. Although, anything id better than my last school.

           I got out of bed and Amelia left to eat breakfast, I threw on my ripped black skinny jeans and band sweatshirt, I threw my hair up in a messy bun, I would deal with it later. As I walked down the stairs I tried my best to not be noticed by my mom, so that I could just grab my back pack, sneak out the door and do my makeup and hair on the bus. But of course, Amelia had to notice me as soon as I reached the last step. "Cass! Wanna see my drawing?" She said shoving a piece of paper in my face. "Hey, sleepy-head." My mom acknowledged me. "Hey, mom." I said blankly and looked at the mess of crayons thrown on paper that had been shoved in my face, I couldn't quite tell what it was. I was about to ask, until I got interrupted. "It's a pig! His name is Bacon-pork-ham!" "Don't you think that name is a little... I don't know... cruel?" She just walked away and went back to eating her Lucky Charms.

           I sat down at the kitchen table and my mom put a bowl of Fruity Pebbles in front of me. This is the one and only reason that I didn't want to be noticed. Food. I poked at it for a while and then tried to sneak away from the table while my moms back was turned. "Ah-Ah-Ah, not so fast." She turned around. "Eat." She pointed to my food. I groaned in response. Then my amazing older brother came downstairs, and thank god he did because I am not eating this calorie filled, sugary, mess.

           "Good morning, Jason." My mom said as she started making him a bowl of Reece's Puffs. "Bleh." He said in reply and sat next to me. I just kept poking at my, now soggy, cereal. Mom set his bowl down in front of him and he started eating. "Why aren't you eating, Cass?" Amelia asked me. There was no way I could tell her about my disorder, she wouldn't understand. "I'm just not hungry right now." I replied. I felt Jason sat my leg with his foot. I turned to him. "Good answer." He mouthed to me, I just fake smiled and then set my bowl on the ground for our dog, Lucy, to eat. She liked having my breakfasts, and other meals.

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