Broken Things

TRIGGER WARNING! Hello, I am Cassidy White, this is my story.


6. My fault?

*Maya's POV*

"Oh, uh, no, I'm on a diet." I heard Cassidy say. I jumped up and started yelling, thinking about it now, that wasn't the best Idea. "What?! You're perfectly skinny! You don't need to lose any weight, sweetheart!" I yelled. We were lucky the whole cafeteria didn't hear me. That's when Jake looked up. Huh, I guess he does listen to our conversations. "You're not anorexic, are you?" He asked quietly. We all looked at her. "I- Uh- gotta go."  She ran out of the cafeteria.


We decided to follow after her after a few seconds, but when we opened the door to the cafeteria, to leave, she was only a few yards away, on the floor, passed out, or dead. I couldn't tell. 

Taylor picked her up and we ran to the office. "She passed out in the hall!" Annie yelled at the secretary.  Taylor set her on the floor and the nurse checked her vitals. I was always told that if you pull up a small amount of someone, or an animals skin, almost like a pinch, you could tell if they are dehydrated. And that's exactly what the nurse did. She was extremely dehydrated, the nurse told the secretary to call an ambulance. 

Annie started crying, no, sobbing. And Jake helped comfort her. Me? I just stood there, in awe. What if my freak-out triggered this? What if she is anorexic?


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