Broken Things

TRIGGER WARNING! Hello, I am Cassidy White, this is my story.


3. More Friends?!

*Ya know what, I'm not gonna put the warnings here anymore, you all know they exist.*

*Annie's POV*

            Cassidy and I stood up, and that's when I noticed, she's really freaking skinny! I decided not to say anything, becuase that would be rude, but does that girl even eat?! We got off the bus and walked toward the school. "And this my friend is Green-Lake high school! Creative name right? Totally doesn't sound disgusting!" I ranted. She laughed and quietly agreed, I could tell she was.. I don't know... intimidated almost, by the school. "So, what school did you go to before Green-Lake?" I asked her. "Huh? Oh- Um- Well- promise you wont laugh or anything?" "Promise on my life." "Forest meadows all grades school." "Well, that's not so bad." "It's a school for suicidal, anorexic and troubled children and teens..." She added. "Oh."


*Cassidy's POV*

            GREAT! You really screwed up this time, Fatty! Now she's gonna think you're weird!

            I tried to ignore No-Name, but it was hard. Shut. up. 

            YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY OVER ME! You can NOTtell ME what to do! I do what I-

            He was cut off by my new friend, thank god. "So, would you like to meet some of my friends?" Annie asked as we got closer to the school. "Sure!" I was a little nervous to meet new people, what if they thought I was weird for how, how fat I am? We stepped inside the school, it was huge, people were bumping around everywhere and yelling. To be honest, I knew I was not going to enjoy this one bit. 

            Annie grabbed my hand and led me through the crowd, once we were in a slightly quieter area she let go and turned to me. "Do you like art? Music maybe?" She asked. "Actually, I absolutely love both!" I answered. She squealed in response and led me into the art room where there were 3 kids at one of the tables, and no one else.

            "Guys, this is Cassidy White!" The girl looked up from her book, one of the boys looked up from his sketchbook for about a second and then looked back down, and the other boy barely seemed to notice.

            The girl had long brown hair, she looked up from her book when we waked in and introduced herself. "Hello! I'm Maya!" She stood up to shake my hand, she was wearing a jean jacket with a black tank-top under it and a long black skirt.

            That's when a boy with pale skin and blue hair started talking without looking up from his sketchbook, his hair covered most of one of his eyes. "Hey, I'm Taylor." he said blankly. The last boy had almost black hair and was wearing headphones, just kinda sitting there, with his eyes closed. "Jake. Jake! JAKE!" Annie yelled to try and get his attention. She had to go over and shove his headphones off until he looked up. "Huh?" "Jake, this is Cassidy White, she is new here." "Oh, hey." He said and slipped his headphones back on, Annie groaned.


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