Broken Things

TRIGGER WARNING! Hello, I am Cassidy White, this is my story.


2. Have I made a friend?


*Cassidy's POV*

            I slipped away from the table as Lucy started to slurp at my colorful cereal. I grabbed my backpack and ran upstairs to finish getting ready. I put my hair down and then straightened it and put my black beanie with the holes on, I put some eyeliner, mascara, and red lipstick on. And I put on my thick black choker to finish it off. I put my sketchbook, some pens, pencils, and art supplies in my bag along with all my text books and stuff. I left my room and walked down the stairs to see Jason, ready and waiting my the door. Somehow he was always ready before me.

           I walked over to him completely ignoring my mom has she tried to make me eat toast. "You ready?" He asked me. "Yeah." I replied and just on cue we heard the bus screech outside, he's a senior and I'm a junior, so we had to separate on the bus. He went to the very back, and me? Well, I didn't know where to go! I had never ridden a real bus before, at my old school I was dropped off because they didn't have buses. 

           I decided I would just sit down in the nearest empty seat, which was risky, but my only choice. I sat down and pulled my book out of my backpack quickly, to avoid any socialization. After reading about 2 pages the voice beside me had spoken. "Hi, I'm Annie, Annie Wilson." She said. I looked up to see a girl with the tips of her hair dyed red, she was wearing black, ripped, skinny jeans like me and an MCR t-shirt. Suddenly, I felt the courage to speak, something about her just told me that, that she was like me. "Hi, I'm C-Cassidy White." I said smiling, "I-I like your t-shirt." I added. "Thanks! I like your sweatshirt too!" She said pointing at my Twenty One Pilots sweatshirt.

           Wait, did I just make a friend, I've never really had a friend before.

           HA! You think you made a friend! How cute! We both know that as soon as she finds out about your eating habits and EVERYTHING else, she'll completely discard you!

           Ugh, of course, there he is. To be honest, sometimes I want to name that little rat of a voice inside my head. Leave me alone, I've already got enough on my mind.

           Oh I know! We share the same mind! Remember? Ha! You're so stupid. 

           Ugh leave me alone.  I soon noticed that I had been silent talking to, we'll call him no-name for at least a minute, dang it! I probably creeped her out. "Uh, you o-okay Cassidy?" She asked. "Huh- Oh- Um- yeah, yeah.." I answered, the bus screeched to a halt, we were here.

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