The Spawn

In the far off land of Kingston, a kingdom separated from the world of Neverland only by a thin magical barrier created to protect the peasants and royals living in the kingdom. However, once the magical barrier is mysteriously broken by dark magic, Harmony Hook will take her troops to invade the kingdom of Kingston. Ever since Captain James Hook and his crew won the Battle of Neverland against Peter Pan, only his ruffians and a few surviving rebels roamed the forbidden island. The death of the boy who never aged was a tragedy that effected all, especially his young daughter Madeline. She, now the leader of the surviving rebels, is determined to do whatever it takes to protect the kingdom from another act of tyranny... Or is this all a big misunderstanding? Will this kingdom bring together the two leaders, or separate them once and for all.


2. Chapter 2

Harmony's POV 

The early morning dew covered the deck of the Jolly Rodger. I adjusted the hat on my head, my fathers hat, and walked across the deck. "SMITTY!" I screamed. 

I heard the thumping and panting of the plump of a man Smitty. "Yes captain?" He asked in his squeaky voice. 

"Why aren't the men back with Madeline Pan?" I asked, an edge to my tone. I k ew how to strike fear in my people, one of the few traits I got from my father.    

"Th-They have to find Madeline Captain. I-It's a very b-big forest" Smitty stuttered 

I took out my swords and gripped the hilt of it tightly, pointing the tip at Smitty. "My patience is wearing thin Smitty" I spat through clenched teeth. "If they aren't back soon, you will be the one to walk the plank"

I headed back to the Captians Quarters and looked down at the map of Neverland. There were red X's all over the map. I was looking for the hideout for the Lost Boy's. I didn't know where to look for them, that's why I needed Pan. 

"Captain! They are back." My first mate told me. 

A small smirk formed "The fun begins." I said. 


The girl was on her knees, her hands tied behind her back and head down. "Look at little Madeline Pan in her intended place. Kneeling before her superiors."

"You are not my superior." She spat. 

I took out my sword placing the end at her neck "I could kill you right now if I wanted to." I used the sword to make her look at me. "But I'm not going to."

"Then why did you bring me here?" She asked.

I snapped my fingers "You have information I need, information on the Lost Boys that betrayed you. Give me the information of their whereabouts and I'll tell you where and why your mother deserted you." I said

"I don't care about my mother." She said

I growled "I know you care because I care about mine. My mother is known in another world as the Evil Queen, of it wasn't for my father kidnapping me I would have been killed by the dumbass Snow White." I yelled at her. "So I'll ask again. Where are the Lost Boy's?" 

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