The Spawn

In the far off land of Kingston, a kingdom separated from the world of Neverland only by a thin magical barrier created to protect the peasants and royals living in the kingdom. However, once the magical barrier is mysteriously broken by dark magic, Harmony Hook will take her troops to invade the kingdom of Kingston. Ever since Captain James Hook and his crew won the Battle of Neverland against Peter Pan, only his ruffians and a few surviving rebels roamed the forbidden island. The death of the boy who never aged was a tragedy that effected all, especially his young daughter Madeline. She, now the leader of the surviving rebels, is determined to do whatever it takes to protect the kingdom from another act of tyranny... Or is this all a big misunderstanding? Will this kingdom bring together the two leaders, or separate them once and for all.


1. Chapter 1

Madeline's POV

​I breathed as quietly as possible as I slowly peeked around the side of the tree and leapt back promptly as an arrow flew past me. I laughed and faced the soldier, my dagger placed firmly in my fist as I smirked at the perpetrator.

​"So the rumors are true? Madeline Pan is finally out of hiding," the soldier scoffed as he looked me up and down and readied his dagger and sword.

​"Yeah, yeah. Less yappin', more slashin'!" I growled as I thrust myself forward and sliced into his arm. At 6'2 he was definitely intimidating to my 5'3 stature, but I refused to let him know that. I simply smirked and rolled over on top of him, slamming his head into the ground repeatedly. Despite the red blood streaming down his tanned chiseled face, he continued to attempt carrying on a conversation.

"I always did prefer the ladies on top," he smirked as I rolled my eyes and slammed his head into the ground again. "Ya know, you fight almost as well as a man!" he punched me in the face and sent me rolling off of him.

I stood up and growled, "Funny. I was going to say the same thing about you!" My fist connected with his jaw as I sent him toppling backwards slightly. I stabbed him in the stomach, then kneed him in the face as he crouched forward. Finally I pushed him to the ground, kneeled over him, and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. "Now listen hear you worthless piece of shit," I spat, "If you ever, and I mean EVER, come near my side of the island again, I will tear you apart." I slammed him back into the ground and removed my knife from his limp body as I walked away.

​I sighed as I wiped the blood from my dagger onto my shirt. This was the sixth one of Hook's soldiers today, and the sun had barely even risen! Shaking my head, I moved the boulder that marked the entrance to mine and the Lost Boys' hideout. I slid down the slide that we created from the roots of the tree we lived under as I heard the boulder roll back into place. As soon as I was landed at the end of the slide, I was bombarded by the remaining Lost Boys.

​"What's going on?!"

​"Is Hook coming back?!"

​"Can we live through another war?!"

​"Has the barrier really been broken?!"

​Everyone went silent. I crossed my legs as I floated gently above the others so all could see me.

​"Well..." I paused as I played with the ends of my natural red hair and took a deep breath. "I've heard the rumors as well, but there is no guarantee that the magical barrier has been destroyed. However, if the rumors are true, we must make sure Hook stays as far away from the kingdom as possi-"

​"How on earth are we supposed to defend an entire kingdom from an army of pirates, when we can't even defend a fucking tree?!" Cubby scoffed as he pushed through the crowd of Lost Boys. He was one of my father's original soldiers and he always criticized me and my decisions. When my father died he left Cubby to defend the others until I became old enough to lead.

​I rolled my eyes then returned to my previous mature state, "Cubby, I understand your concern, but it won't be just us anymore. We can call on our allies such as the mermaids, the Red Faced, and the fairies!" Cubby rolled his eyes but eventually nodded.

​"You're right Maddie, we have other options... Like giving up!" The others murmured in agreement. I snapped.

​"SHUT UP!" I screeched as everyone returned to their previous silent state. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, "Look everyone, I know things are hard but we can do this!" I stood up, still floating, "Now I can either go at it alone, or I can have my own army behind me. So who's with me!" I smiled excitedly as I scanned over the crowd.

No one said a word.

​            ---------------------

​I stomped across the empty forest ground mumbling to myself, "Fine. I don't need them. I can fight off Harmony Hook myself! Well... If she's anything like her soldiers at least."

Seeing a nearby pond I stripped down and eased into the calm water. I looked down at my reflection. To the average person you would see an eighteen year old girl with simple brown eyes and a mess of red hair, but to me? I see a girl who failed as a leader and is a disappointment to her father.

​I went under the water and scrubbed my scalp, thinking about how to fix this. I returned to the surface and when I did, I was suddenly surrounded by Hook's men, and standing right in front of me was the same soldier who I'd fought earlier that day.

​"Little far from your part of the island aren't you?"

​I growled and covered my previously revealed breasts with my arms, "What do you want?"

​"The captain requests your presence."

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