The Secrets of Longcrest

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  • Published: 15 Jul 2017
  • Updated: 15 Jul 2017
  • Status: Complete
#2 in Secrets Series (Secrets of Dunharrow House). Standalone book.
When Katy fell though the floor of her home, she died, her sister calling her name.
But when her siblings came back, they discovered something that shocked them to their core. Something that shouldn't have been possible.
So, what happened to Katy Dunharrow?


9. Serving and Secrets

It's three years later and I'm still in the same two jobs, living in the same apartment, though today is not like the other days. There's talk of a hurricane.

Really, it blows past our town, but hits the northern town pretty hard, especially the beaches and coast.

I'm eager to get back to the library, close to the end of my search. I've found a hidden article, seven years old, about the disappearance of one girl, and the detention of another. All I need is a picture to put all the pieces in place. Murder, was it?

My shift is nearly over when I decide to take one more customer. The woman is quite distracted, but from her appearance I can tell she's not having a good day. I put on my waitress persona, a perky, smiley persona, and bring her the coffee she had mumblingly ordered.

"Coffee, dear," I say, putting the cup down in front of her. My mind wanders as I wait a second for her response.

"Thanks," she mutters, not looking up from her hands.

"No problem," I say perkily, though my mind is as raging as the hurricane. I've been close to finding something recently. I've been trying to put the clues together and I think I only need one more clue.

A picture.

"Hey, wait! I want some cream!" calls the woman. Her blue eyes stare into mine, shocked, her mouth agape. I wink at her, though my blood has frozen.

Blue eyes.

"Will do!"

I try to make it look like I'm simply skipping away, a ditzy kind of skip, though I feel like sprinting away from fear.

Because when I look in the mirror, I see that girl staring back at me, though there's only one difference.

Her blonde hair.

I guess I don't need a picture after all, to find out who I am.

Because that girl, Bea Dunharrow, was rumored to have murdered her sister in that very house seven years ago, exactly around the time I appeared in Longcrest. The house I had been in four years ago.

There are no coincidences where I'm concerned.

I've found the girl who allegedly murdered me... who murdered Katy Dunharrow.

But I'm right here.

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