The Secrets of Longcrest

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  • Published: 15 Jul 2017
  • Updated: 15 Jul 2017
  • Status: Complete
#2 in Secrets Series (Secrets of Dunharrow House). Standalone book.
When Katy fell though the floor of her home, she died, her sister calling her name.
But when her siblings came back, they discovered something that shocked them to their core. Something that shouldn't have been possible.
So, what happened to Katy Dunharrow?


7. Rooms and Restless

"Woah!" exclaims Gina, twirling on an old, moldy carpet. The house isn't in as bad shape as I had thought. The walls are peeling and it smells of mildew, but otherwise it's okay.

"Gee, we should really leave," I tell her, cautiously moving into the house. "What if it's not abandoned and the owners come back?"

We move into the living room, where chimney bricks are starting to crack. The furniture is dusty and smelly, but could sell nicely if refurbished.

"I don't think so," says Gina. She turns to me, a mischievous smile on her face. "My friend who lives in the town near this house said that it became abandoned years and years ago when one girl chopped her sister up and ate her! The family put the girl in an asylum and left! They've haven't been seen since."

"That's a nice fairytale, Gee, but I just want to leave," I tell her, rubbing my arms.

"Why? Are you chicken?" She smiles and pokes my side. I jerk away and give her a sarcastic, "Ha ha."

"Aw, come on. Let's just explore a bit. Longcrest is boring I never get to leave it!" she whines.

"Fine," I sigh. "But you're buying me a latte when we get back into town."

"Of course."

As we explore the house, my annoyance at Gina only increases. I find it mildly irritating that she wants to explore the first floor, and all of its rooms, even the bathroom.

My annoyance increases when we climb the stairs and she asks me why there are light square patches on the wall.

"From removed pictures, Gina," I say, losing my patience. Gina doesn't seem to notice.

My anger and restlessness reaches its peak when Gina gets an old broom and begins poking the chandelier with it. 

"Poke poke," Gina says, like a child.

"Gina. Please," I say, a growl coming into my voice.

"Lighten up, Bea! It's a spooky old house. Have fun!"

"We're trespassing!"

"Nothing's illegal unless there are cops around!"

Suddenly, there's a creaking sound, and Gina pulls the stick away. "Bea... what's going-?"

I gasp, and tackle Gina to the floor, both of us flying down half a flight of stairs.

A cloud of dust flies up and the smell of that and mildew, mold, and seawater becomes stronger.

I cough, and roll off of Gina. Gina groans.

"What the hell, Bea?"

"Just look," I say, still coughing. I try to open my eyes, but the dust hurts them, so I keep my eyes closed.

"O-Oh," coughs Gina. "Right. Fallen chandelier. Classic."

"Let's just get out of here," I cough, my body shaking.

It takes us a few seconds to find the door through the settling dust. When we're out, we run blindly up the beach, miles from where Gina parked her car.

One thing's for certain: I'm never going back into that house again.

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