The Secrets of Longcrest

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  • Published: 15 Jul 2017
  • Updated: 15 Jul 2017
  • Status: Complete
#2 in Secrets Series (Secrets of Dunharrow House). Standalone book.
When Katy fell though the floor of her home, she died, her sister calling her name.
But when her siblings came back, they discovered something that shocked them to their core. Something that shouldn't have been possible.
So, what happened to Katy Dunharrow?


2. Pain and Perseverance

I drag myself through the tunnels, biting my already bloody cheeks. My legs seem to hit every bump in the stone corridor. I don't know where it leads, but there has to be an exit somewhere.

As I go, my brain becomes foggy, not just with pain, but thinking, too. I can't think. It's like trying to get back to shore after a riptide pulls you out. 

But I remember Bea. Bea was my best friend. I know that. But what's my name? I can't remember. Who are my parents? Where was I before I fell?

I think I'm near an ocean....

I keep dragging myself through the puddles of brine. Cold emanates from the stone, making me see my breath.

I just need to get out of here.

I drag myself for hours, crying when my ankle falls in a hole and I have to pull it out, jostling my leg. I need a physician. Or a nurse.

Maybe I should've gone the other way... but, it's too late now. I need to keep going this way.

Eventually, I'm so exhausted I just lie down in the middle of the passage. I'm hungry and cold. My legs hurt so bad and I feel like I'm dying. I hope I'm not getting gangrene in my legs.

I can't sleep because of the pain in my legs, so, after a few restless hours, I begin pulling myself again.

Time seems to be in flux. I feel like I'm only crawling for hours when I see specks of light in the darkness. My mouth is dry and I can't feel my legs anymore.

I stop under the the specks of light and examine them. The light is coming from holes in a hatch. 

But it's three feet above me.

I reach my hands up, but am still two feet from touching the hatch.

I groan, frustrated, but scoot myself to the wall, grabbing onto the roots.

"AAAH!" I yell, pulling myself up. Pressure is put on my legs as I grab the roots and haul myself up. The roots, weak, snap, and I fall again, hitting my head on the dirt floor. Tears stream down my face and my legs throb. I may not be able to feel them when idle, but putting too much pressure on my legs and I'll definitely feel them.

I look around for anything I can use to pull myself up. The passage keeps going, but this is my best chance of escape.

There is nothing here but dirt, roots, and me.

I sigh, an idea formulating in my head.

I dig a small handhold in the dirt, a few inches deep and compact. I do it again, a few inches higher, and again and again up two feet. 

I pull myself up, screaming and crying with pain as I do so. 

I'm leaning at an angle. I can't stand on my legs: That's be impossible.

I grab onto a root once more and lean to the center of the passage.

I hit the hatch, which is just a piece of wood. I grab the roots on the ceiling and drag myself, my legs dangling, and get to the hatch.

It smells of pine and wet earth, and it's a glorious smell, if there ever was one.

I grip a tree that's next to the hatch, its small trunk bending under my force. 

My legs wiggle uselessly in the air as I pull myself up.

It's daybreak, but after how many days? 

I smile, despite my condition. One of the hardest things is over. And I'm never going back in another tunnel.

I look around me, at the forest of pines. I sigh, and the next broken leg of the journey begins.

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