The Secrets of Longcrest

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  • Published: 15 Jul 2017
  • Updated: 15 Jul 2017
  • Status: Complete
#2 in Secrets Series (Secrets of Dunharrow House). Standalone book.
When Katy fell though the floor of her home, she died, her sister calling her name.
But when her siblings came back, they discovered something that shocked them to their core. Something that shouldn't have been possible.
So, what happened to Katy Dunharrow?


8. Graduation and Going

Many months after the house fiasco, graduation was upon us. I graduated Valedictorian of my class with many people wishing me well at my college endeavors.

Except, I decided not to go. When my foster parents, the Daniels asked why not, I simply explained to them that I still need to know who I am. They just shook their heads, having given up searching for my parents years ago. They kind of just stopped suddenly when I was fifteen, though I never asked them why.

So, I stay in Longcrest, working at the library and searching in my spare time.

I came home at nearly midnight one night to find my parents waiting up for me, which they never do. Pops is pacing and Mamma chewing her nails. 

"Is something wrong?" I ask them. They both whip their heads to me, and I know something is up. "What is it?"

"How would you like a job in the northern town?" asks Pops unexpectedly.

"No thanks. I like working at the library," I say, putting my satchel on the couch. I sit on the armrest. "Why?"

"As a favor for a friend," lies Pops, though I don't call him out.

"I'm sorry, but I'm going to decline."

"You can't work in a library forever, dear," says Mamma.

"As opposed to...?"

"A hostess in a restaurant."

"I'm still declining."

They look at each other, debating something. I've seen this more and more recently, and have been wondering what they're hiding.

"Please, just think on it."

"The answer is no."

"Do think about it, dear."

"Actually, I've been thinking of something else," I tell them. They snap their heads to me again, eyes wide and expectant.

"What is it, child?" asks Pops. He hasn't called me "child" since he found me. That sends off warning bells in my head.

"I've been thinking about leaving." I can see the relief in their faces, but don't point that out, either.

"Where to?" asks Mamma, though her voice conveys something more. Like the town up north?

"Just out," I say. "Get a place on my own. A second job."

"You can just work in the restaurant-" starts Pops. 

"No, no. I've found a second job, actually. Maybe it'll make you happy: The cafe on main street. It's technically a restaurant."

"We want you to work in the restaurant," says Pops. He sighs somewhat angrily, and I know they're holding something back.

"Well, I'm not going to. That's final," I say, angry. They're not telling me something. It's something about me, I know it.

I snatch my satchel and stomp to my room. I slam my door and hear the angry yells from Pops and Mamma. I sigh angrily and throw my favorite clothes in a suitcase along with everything I'll need for an apartment. I'll talk to Chadley tomorrow, the owner of the cafe. I went to school with his son, and he knows me, so I'll be guaranteed the job. Then I'll talk to the landlady that runs the town apartments, the only complex. She has an open one for a couple hundred dollars a month. I have a few thousand saved in my bank account, anyway. I never bought a car or anything with my birthday, holiday, and work money. 

The next day, I set all of my plans in motion, Gina helping me before she drives back off to college. I set up my bare apartment with yardsale furniture, thank Gina, and ready myself to go into my first day as a waitress as the cafe.

Yeah. I can do it, and I'm not going to stop searching for the truth.

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