Quest for the gold rose- A PJO Fanfiction

After the titan war, it might finally be time for peace, right? Wrong! The golden fleece is losing its power, which can only be restored by a magical gold flower. As if this isn't bad enough, the fate of the entire camp lies in the hands of two barely trustworthy demigods- a former ally of Luke's, a daughter of a titan, and a young demigod with oracle powers.


2. 2- Day 0

Annabeth walked out of the Big House, feeling utterly and totally exhausted. She quietly cursed the stubborn girl under her breath. She had no idea what to do with her. Clearly her hatred of the gods surpassed reason. So what would they do with her? Annabeth didn’t hate her. She just felt sorry for the girl. Killing her was wrong. But what if she gave them no other option?

“Hey Annabeth.”

She turned, smiling, as Percy walked towards her. He was smiling, as usual, and she smiled back. Being around Percy always made her feel good, no matter what mood she was in.

“How was talking to the mental case?” Percy asked, raising his eyebrows. They still didn’t know the girl's name, and that was what Percy had started to call her.

“Impossible,” Annabeth shook her head. “She’s like…” Like Luke. “She hates the gods more than anything else,” Annabeth amended. “I don’t know if it’s possible to change her mind.”

“Hey, if anyone can do it, you can,” Percy shrugged.

Annabeth sighed. The complement should have made her feel better, but it only made her feel worse. She wasn’t a superhuman. She couldn’t fix every problem, and Percy’s undying faith just reminded her of that.

“Speaking of which…” he looked over towards the hill. Annabeth heard the shouting, and sighed.

Another one? I thought we’d caught all the demigods by now.”

Percy shrugged. “Who knows? Want to go check it out?”

“Let’s,” she sighed. Inwardly, she felt a surge of frustration. When would she have a little time to herself? Or better, time to spend with Percy?

They reached the hill in time to see a group of demigods warily surrounding a girl. She stood just outside the border, and it was easy to tell why. Instead of normal hair, a mass of fire flowed from her head. She was tall, with tan skin, and slightly red eyes. She wore a normal t-shirt and jeans, and she looked totally bored.

“Well this is going to be good,” Percy remarked.

“So what exactly is going on?” Annabeth asked, raising her eyebrows.

“We caught her spying on the camp.” The speaker was Avery Drayson, daughter of Ares. She turned to look at Annabeth, smiling slightly. Avery was the only daughter of Ares Annabeth knew that wore makeup, and it looked rather odd with the helmet and armor.

“I was not spying, and I was not captured,” the girl said sharply. “I surrendered.”

“After we surrounded you,” Avery replied, turning back to the girl.

“Well obviously,” she shrugged. The girl turned her bright eyes on Annabeth. “I owe no allegiance to the titans.”

“And who exactly are you?” Annabeth raised her eyebrows.

“Sadie,” she replied. “Daughter of Hyperion.”

“Didn’t we turn him into a maple tree?” Percy remarked.

Annabeth glanced at him. “Yes, we did.”

“So when did he have a daughter?”

“Probably before that, seaweed brain. Now be quiet and let me talk.”

Percy smiled, “Okay, wise girl.”

Annabeth turned back to Sadie, who had been watching the byplay with raised eyebrows. “So why did you ‘surrender’, as you put it?”

“Because I’m on your side,” she shrugged. “And someone had to warn you.”

“Of what?” Annabeth raised her eyebrows.

Sadie paused, then shrugged. “May I?”

Annabeth didn’t know what she wanted, but she was willing to bet that whatever it was, it wouldn’t harm them. If Sadie wanted to escape, she probably could have. So she nodded.

Sadie reached out her hand, pausing for a second as if she had met some invisible resistance. That would be the barrier then. But then Sadie pushed her hand through the barrier, with obvious ease.

All eyes instantly went to Thalia’s pine tree, where the golden fleece was guarded by Peleus. But it was still there, shining brightly.

“How?!” Annabeth demanded, turning back to Sadie. “The fleece should keep our borders strong!”

“Not anymore,” Sadie replied. “All magic loses its power. Apparently, your fleece is weakening.”

“In a thousand years it’s never stopped working,” Percy remarked. “And now, in our age, it just happens to stop? Do we ever get a break?”

“Percy,” Annabeth sighed. Then she turned back to Sadie. “How do we know you didn’t sabotage it?”

“Sabotage it?” Sadie raised her eyebrows. “Now how would I sabotage something ancient and magical like the fleece?”

“The titans are very good at pulling off surprises like that,” Annabeth replied. Instantly Sadie’s expression darkened.

“I am not a full titan,” she said icily. “And if I had sabotaged your fleece, I’d hardly show up, surrender, and then warn you about it, would I?”

Annabeth paused. She wished, not for the first time, that she didn’t have to make so many important decisions. Finally, she sighed. “We’ve been fooled before. You’ll have to stay in the Big House until we know we can trust you.”

“As a prisoner.” Sadie said, her tone flat. “I didn’t come all this way to get stuck in another cage.”

“I’ll talk to Chiron,” Annabeth replied, though her mental gears were turning. Another? Clearly this girl had been imprisoned before. “But until then, you’re going to have to stay there.” She paused, then added, “You can put her with the other girl.”

“You heard her!” Avery said cheerfully. “Let’s go, mini titan!”

Sadie winced. “I prefer demi titan to that…”

“Demi titan it is! Let’s go.” Avery’s smile grew. As they walked away, she kept talking. “Just so you know, there’s another girl in the big house, who’s kind of crazy, and since you’re fire you two should get along great, but…” her voice trailed off as she got further away.

Annabeth let out a soft breath. “Come on,” she said to Percy. “Let’s go take a break before they find something else for me to do.”

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