Quest for the gold rose- A PJO Fanfiction

After the titan war, it might finally be time for peace, right? Wrong! The golden fleece is losing its power, which can only be restored by a magical gold flower. As if this isn't bad enough, the fate of the entire camp lies in the hands of two barely trustworthy demigods- a former ally of Luke's, a daughter of a titan, and a young demigod with oracle powers.


1. 1- Day 0

    Annabeth was exhausted. Now that the titan war was over, they were struggling to hunt down the last of the demigods loyal to Luke. Earlier that day, Thalia had brought one of them back. She was locked in the big house right now, and it was apparently going to be Annabeth’s job to speak to her. It was a job she was looking forwards to. Talking to Kronos’s fanatics was usually exhausting in the extreme. She didn’t want to speak to this girl, but no one else was available to do it.

    Well, no use in delaying the inevitable. She headed towards the big house, feet dragging slightly. She walked in, towards the room where the girl was locked. She reached for the handle, then jerked her hand back in surprise. The knob was freezing cold. Frowning, she opened the door, eyes widening in disbelief as she saw the room beyond.

    Everything in the room was completely covered in ice. A girl who couldn’t have been much older than her sat cross legged on the floor, eyes closed. Her eyes opened as Annabeth came in, and a slight smile crossed her face.

    “Ah, the interrogation begins. I was wondering how long it would take.”

    Annabeth raised her eyebrows at the girl’s casual tone. She didn’t seem particularly worried.

    “I’m not here to interrogate you.”

    “Then go away.”

    Annabeth sighed. “You realize if you’re going to be stubborn, we’re going to have to kill you.” She didn’t like threatening other demigods. It wasn’t their fault. Luke had fooled all of them. These demigods had just fallen into his trap. She didn’t hate them. In face she was kind of sympathetic towards them. She’d trusted Luke once too.

    “I’m aware,” the girl replied. “But you’re the ‘good guys’. You’ll try to find an alternative first, which puts me in a pretty good position. Besides, anything beats being locked up in here. Even death.” She laughed coldly.

    “Look,” Annabeth sighed. “Whatever Kronos told you, he was lying. He would have killed you anyways. The gods let you live, and so did we. That’s more than your old friends would ever offer you. His little army is gone. It’s over. There’s no point in being his slave anymore.”

    “I served Luke, not Kronos,” the girl replied matter-of factly.

    “What?” That caught Annabeth off guard. “But the army- we found you with the demigods that had been disbanded…”

    “I deserted long before Kronos’s stupid little attack on Olympus. I knew he was going to fail! Luke could have done it on his own. He was incredible.” The girl’s tone became nostalgic. “He had everything a good leader needs. Brains. Strength. Willingness to do what needs to be done. Charisma. Charm…” she sighed. “Turning himself over to Kronos was a big mistake. In the end, that was what cost him. So don’t mistake me for the servant of a titan! I only follow my kind.”

    “Then why were you with the demigods from his army?”

    “I was trying to rally them,” she shrugged. “While you were all nursing your wounds, we could have struck, and finished what Luke started. But they were too afraid.” She gritted her teeth, hate filling her eyes. “They thought they’d ask for mercy. Mercy! From the gods pets. The pawns who’d slaughter us all! The ones who’d enslave us to prophecies. To the will of beings that use us for their amusement! They’re useless, powerless, helpless victims. But I won’t bow like the rest of them.” She stood, looking Annabeth in the eyes. “And if you expect me to undo everything we worked for, then you’re wasting your time!”

    Annabeth sighed. “Everything you worked for is over. Look around you. Do you see any of your other demigod friends here? They’ve all moved on. They have training, protection, friends, siblings. It’s just you. So unless you want to be locked here forever, then you might as well give up being so stubborn.”

    The girl gritted her teeth. “There will always be those that hate the gods.”

    Annabeth shook her head. “You’ve missed a lot. The gods promised to pay better attention to their children, even the minor ones. So if you’re looking for more hatred, you’re just going to have to side with the titans like Luke did. You’re alone here. So you can sit wallowing in your hatred, or you can come back to the real world.” She shook her head. She’d spoken to many demigods, and managed to bring most of them back to their side. But this girl was impossibly stubborn.

    “The gods don’t care about us,” the girl replied. “If this is any proof!” She gestured at the ice covering the walls. “See this? This is my curse. Thanks to the gods.”

    “You might be a child of Boreas,” Annabeth replied. “Ice is a common-”


    “What?” Annabeth was caught off guard for the second time in that conversation.

    “My father is Poseidon,” she replied coldly.

    “That’s… impossible,” Annabeth said finally. “Poseidon swore not to have any more children after world war 2…”

    “And see how well that turned out!” she replied. “Your little boyfriend Percy exists, doesn’t he?”

    “Yes, but two children?”

    The girl gritted her teeth. “He’s a god. No one tells gods what they can and can’t do. They found me though. And they punished me for existing.” She paused, eyes narrowing.

“No,” Annabeth said quietly. The girl locked eyes with her, and Annabeth felt a chill. There was nothing in her eyes but hared. Insane, uncontrolled hatred. Whatever had happened to this girl, it had been bad.

“They slaughtered my entire family right in front of me,” she said quietly. “My mother was cut down first. Then my little brother. And for all their ‘mercy’, they let me live. Do you think what they did was fair? Do you think it was fair to kill my family because I existed?!” She was shaking now, her entire body vibrating with anger. “They cursed my power too. Everything I touched froze. It took me years to learn to control it.”

“They let you live though.”

“You think that was a mercy” the girl snapped. “You think that surviving after my family died was kindness? Well it would have been better if they’d just killed me then! I don’t deserve to live. Why did my family go to Hades and not me?!” The room grew colder. “They left me alive… that was their mistake. I’ll kill them for it… I’ll-” she trailed off, and, to Annabeth’s surprise, started to sob softly.

Annabeth felt a surge of sympathy. She’d seen what happened when a demigod was overloaded with anger and pain. She’d seen it happen to Nico, and now it was the same with this girl. But they’d brought Nico back. They could bring her back too.

“Hey,” she said quietly. “What they did to you was wrong. I’m not denying that. The gods have done some pretty horrible things. But they hold this world together. You don’t have to love them, but you should at least respect them. There are others like you here. We can help you.”

The girl looked up at her, and her eyes narrowed. “Go go Tartarus,” she snapped.

Annabeth shook her head, and turned away, forcing herself to breathe as she reached for the door. Without looking back at the girl, she slammed it behind her, letting out a frustrated breath.

Some people are impossible to talk to.

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