The Annihilation

It was all peaceful until The Annihilation began. Amira wasn't exactly the person wanting to be the Special, but again, neither did Gray or Felix, or any of the other 400 teenagers brought to Daya. But none of them had a choice. Cover by NamesFromGraves


1. Amira~ the start


It was the 7th night of summer vacation, but it was also the beginning of stage one of the Annihilation.

I, Amira Brown, was confused. A wave of chills rushed through my body randomly as I was in the middle of reading my book. It wasn't like normal goosebumps, it rushed through once, but then just stayed in me. I shivered and put on a coat and sweatpants as well as socks. I continued reading, but after 10 minutes I was still shivering. I warmed up some water and made tea, but it didn't help. I walked to my Mom's bedroom to ask her what to do, but she wasn't there. She was out working late again. I grabbed my phone and texted her. 


Amira: Hey Mom where are you???

Mom: Sry, still at the office. will be home around midnight

Amira: it IS midnight RIGHT NOW

Mom: 1 am then. have to go, bye! 

I sighed and put down my phone. I might as well go to sleep now. I climbed into bed without changing my clothes, and even though it look a while (since I felt so cold) I managed to fall asleep. 

Little did I know, that at this exact moment, hundreds of other people around the world felt the same way. 

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