Emily Hampton is a 17 year old Junior in high school. Emily and Justin were together at first now that they've broken up, he still has a massive crush on her. She got pregnant by a senior named Jake that plays basketball he's the ''player'' of the school and he's a rich kid. They get married live in a house together for 4 months but after loosing their baby they both have a hard time moving on, especially Emily. They decide to go their separate ways Jake ends up graduating getting into a basketball team in California.


12. Trip & Fell

I went to school the next morning it was a Friday thank god I couldn't wait to spend time with Jake. 


"Hey have you spoken to Chelsea" Amber asked. 


"No, why what did she say about me"


"Nothing just asking, how are you feeling"


"I'm actually in a good mood, me and Jake went on a date for tacos and we went to his place"


"Did you- did you two do it" she said whispering I couldn't do anything but nod smiling.


"Holy shit, was it good better than the first time"


"First times aren't always good but last night it was more than good, he was crazy, crazy good"


"Well he was a player, had sex with a lot of girls"


"Yeah, we had a nice time last night though. Have you been hanging with Chelsea"


"No. I mean we talk but not like we used to" She said I opened up my locker taking my books out closing it starting to walk with Amber.


"Hey Emily" Justin said.


"Hey, how are you"


"I'm okay, are you okay seems like someone is in a good mood"


"Yeah I actually am I just can't wait to look for houses with Jake and his dad. I mean our own place" 


"I think it's a good idea to get a place with the father of your baby and get married, I mean it's better than nothing right" He said.


"Yeah, I'll talk to you guys later okay" I said walking off walking up to Jake putting my hands in front of his eyes.


"Guess who, she's cute, smart and if you get this wrong she'll be very angry" I said.


"Please don't be one of my ex's" He said and I removed my hands punching his arm.


"No asshole"


"Ow! I was just kidding. You know for a girl you hit pretty hard"


"Sorry, doing anything today"I asked.


"Not really me and my dad are getting things ready for the wedding it's getting closer y'know. I have to look for my tux and you have to go look for your dress"


"You do remember it's a small wedding right"


"Yeah I know, and then Justin and I are going to the mall"


"Wow, you and Justin hanging out I really can't believe i'm hearing this"


"Yeah well you asked me to be friends with him, I would do anything for you Emily" He said and I smiled.


"I know, and I appreciate that"


"You're in a good mood today, I hope it's not because of last night"


"Mm maybe, i've been smiling every since this morning. I'm just so happy, on the other hand you make me even happier" I said he smiled and kissed me.


"Get a room" Amber said. We pulled away and chuckled a little."Sorry to interrupt but i'm walking Emily to class"


"Thanks Amber, i'll see you later okay" He said and I nodded walking off with Amber. 


"He's so sweet" Amber said.


"Yeah, he is. I'm lucky" 


"That's true, you changed him"


"I don't think I changed him I just opened his eyes a little" I said chuckling falling onto the floor looking up seeing Chelsea tripped me, she started laughing with a group of girls.


"What the fuck is your problem!" Amber yelled helping me up.


"Oh lighten up Amber" She said walking away 


"Are you okay" Jake asked  running up to me.


"Yeah i'm fine" 


"Don't worry Jake i'll take care of it" Amber said to him.


"You better that's my daughter in there" He said walking away. 


"Chelsea is such a bitch"


"I didn't fall on my stomach so i'm good" 


"I hope the baby is fine if you loose that baby I wouldn't know what to do" She said. I ignored what she said and kept walking with her to class. I kept thinking about what happened in the hallway all first period. It wasn't gonna bother me for the rest of the day though. After first period Justin caught up with me before entering my next class.


"How are you? I heard what happened, is the baby okay? Do you want to go to the doctor? This is bad. Why did Chelsea do that?-"


"Before you could go on and on with questions i'm okay. I don't know if she's okay but I have a doctors appointment Monday so i'll see and I don't know why she did it it's kinda stupid"


"Ya think! What did Jake say"


"He was very angry I hope he shows up in second block with me"


"I saw Amber go into the principles office with Jake, they're probably telling her what happened to you. I hope she does something to Chelsea because if you loose her it'll be her fault" 


"I don't want to think about loosing my baby Justin, it's not making me feel so good"


"Okay. Well I just wanted to know how you've been and feeling"


"I'm okay, i'm still in a good mood. If I wasn't I would've punched her and you know I can't be under any stress so that's out the way" 


"All you have to do is let me, Jake and Amber handle everything" 


"Thanks Justin"


"No problem, so you and Jake are going to the mall today"


"Yeah, now that he knows my story and I know his we get eachother he still calls me air-hockey, doesn't bother me that much" 


"That's good" I said chuckling. 


"I can look into your eyes and tell you something is bothering you, is it Chelsea"


"No, it's what Jake said during our date. He said one day i'll wake up and he won't be there I wonder what that meant"


"I hope it's not bad"


"Yeah me either, well I better get going"


"Okay" He said walking off. I walked inside the class sitting down. Everyone was basically staring at me but didn't bother saying anything.


          Jakes Pov


During basketball everyone was on the court practicing, I was in the locker room walking back in forth furious about what happened. I suddenly lost my temper and punched a locker. 


"Patterson! What are you doing in here" Coach asked kind of pissed off. 


"Sorry coach just not in a good mood right now"


"Sit down" He said sitting on a bench I sighed and sat next to him.


"I've known you since you were a freshman. I know what all you've been through with you, your dad, mom, and this baby you have on the way. What I mean is, you're like a son to me we both have our bad days. I know what happened this morning made you upset and trust me if that ever happened to my wife I would throw a tantrum too. We just have to pray that everything will be okay with your daughter, she's going to change your life even if she was a mistake. Emily is a nice girl and all you need to do is be there for her. She needs you, you need each other"


"I'm afraid something might go wrong"


"It happens. But let's not think like that" He said and I nodded he got up and gave me something to wrap my hand up with walking out the locker room. 

           End of Pov


"Are you okay" A friend of Jakes said and I nodded.


"I'm supporting you both, I'm Josh by the way" He said 


"Emily and thanks, it's nice to hear someone other than my friends and family saying that" 


"What Chelsea did was a real bitchy thing to do, Jake was so upset I could imagine what you two are dealing with"


"Yeah" I said lightly. I got back to work Josh walked me out of class. I seen Chelsea and her little group laughing and talking which made me kinda upset. She seen me and walked up to me. 


"Back the hell up" Josh said.


"Fuck off Josh I didn't come over for you. I see what this is, did Jake tell you to do this watch out for her"


"Jake didn't have to tell me anything you've caused a lot of shit today. Why is that, Jake doesn't want you Chelsea stop trying"


"Fuck you Josh this is none of your business" She said starting to walk off. "Samantha! Tiffany! And all the girls that slept with Jake!" She yelled there were a bunch of girls surrounding her. 


"Are you okay with this" He asked.


"I'm fine. I'll talk to you later" I said walking off going into the boys locker room. 


"Hey, what are you doing" Jake said.


"Looking for you"


"What's wrong. Is it from this morning" 


"No, Chelsea called out all the girls you've slept with, holy shit I've never thought I would see so many" I said.


"Emily, I don't want to talk about Chelsea right now alright"


"Fine what about the girls" I asked.


"What about them they mean nothing to me. I honestly don't want to talk right now I need to get out of here. Look yes I fucked a lot of girls you knew I was a player. This shouldn't be a surprise to you, this is what Chelsea wants for us, to argue. She doesn't want you to have a baby, she doesn't want you to be happy she wants me that's why she's doing this"


"You slept with half of the school. Are you that desperate, I understand you did it to forget about your mom-"


"Don't bring her into this conversation Emily. I have too much going on right now and my mom isn't in this, leave her out. What can I say Emily girls like me I can't help that. I'm hot and I like to have sex"


"Sex cannot take the pain away it only takes it away for a few minutes and then it's back again, it's not my fault you've had sex with plenty of girls and got me pregnant"


"What are you trying to say, please fucking tell me so I can know how you really feel about this. Tell me Emily, I'm waiting. Is it you wish you never gotten pregnant if it is I'm sorry I'm ruining your life because of some bullshit friendship with Chelsea. She was never a friend to you in the first place and that's the way it is. I apologize for making your life miserable" He said slamming his locker walking off. I stood there with nothing to say the locker room was quiet. I turnt around and seen Amber and Justin. 


"Are you okay" Amber asked. I quickly left out I honestly couldn't take it anymore, I went to the bathroom calling dad to come pick me up. I went upstairs into my bedroom slamming the door laying on the bed crying my eyes out.


"Please don't cry" He said.


"I hate my life"


"No you don't, you're just saying that. Emily, you can't let whatever people say or do to you effect what you're doing that's right. Chelsea is gonna pay for this big time. I don't blame Jake for getting upset I would too, well I am"


"I hate people labeling me, and putting a label on my daughter. I love her and i'm not doing anything wrong but trying to make the people that matters to me happy"


"You make me happy, your mom, and including the baby. You may not know this but I am proud of you. I may not agreed with this before but I can't stop you and Jake for being a family. Me and your mom went through the same situation she was upset the students was calling her names telling her she's throwing away her dreams for some dumb baby. But she didn't have any dreams, you were her everything including mines. All i'm trying to say is doing what's right is the thing that matters, family is the most important thing and you can't let Chelsea ruin that"


"What if I loose her" 


"Don't think like that, your doctors appointment is Monday you could ask her about that but, the best advice is not asking about it" He said. I heard a knock on my bedroom door seeing Jake, dad left the room. 


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