Emily Hampton is a 17 year old Junior in high school. Emily and Justin were together at first now that they've broken up, he still has a massive crush on her. She got pregnant by a senior named Jake that plays basketball he's the ''player'' of the school and he's a rich kid. They get married live in a house together for 4 months but after loosing their baby they both have a hard time moving on, especially Emily. They decide to go their separate ways Jake ends up graduating getting into a basketball team in California.


3. Telling the Family

After school Amber and I went to the mall eating some Chinese walking around. We passed a baby store called Carters Baby. I stopped and looked inside. 


"Emily" Amber said. I stopped looking inside and caught up with her. When I went home, I sat my bag on the counter eating the rest of my Chinese. I seen a note pinned against the fridge, I hopped off the stool and read the note from mom. Her and dad were both out of town for a business meeting they would be back in the morning. I yanked the note off the fridge crumbling it up throwing it on the floor. Sometimes I get frustrated when they leave they're workaholics and they barely spend time with me.            

                                                                             Weeks Later 

I'm 5 weeks now. Justin and I have been hanging out a lot since, he knows i'm pregnant with Jake's baby that's why we're not dating. We both think that when the baby is almost here he would want to be involved, but if he doesn't want to be involved it would be kind of weird for us to both be parents of the same child and be friends without any commitment.  


"Have you made a doctors appointment yet" He asked. 


"No i'm afraid to"   


"You have to make the appointment Emily, to see if the baby is healthy besides it's a great time for the mother and father to see the gender, maybe not yet anyway. Do you think Jake is able to be a dad" He asked.  


"I don't know and I don't think i'm able to be a mother, i'm just a junior" 


"Better than being a freshman or sophomore you're almost out of school it shouldn't matter a lot of girls get pregnant in high school" 


"I didn't want to be one of them I wanted to be different y'know" I said. 


"You are different. It's not like you don't know who the father is, do you want to try and be with him before the baby gets here" 


"Something's telling me I should and then I shouldn't. What do you think I should do"  


"I think giving him a chance and being together will let you get the hang of things before the baby comes. There's always something you need to do. And you gotta stop thinking about what you need and start thinking about what the baby needs"  


"Yeah. I know" I said to myself. 


"Have you told your parents" 


"No. I sleep all day I eat almost everything surprised they haven't caught on with that yet"  


"Maybe they're just trying to figure out what it is first before they bust out with a lot of questions" 


"Yeah. I have to tell them sooner or later so wish me luck"   


"Good luck" He said. I sighed leaving Justin's place going home to dinner. 


"Need help" I asked mom that was making dinner. 


"No it's fine I got it" She said sitting the bowl of salad on the table I pulled off my bag sitting down taking a sip of water.


"So how are you feeling? Not feeling sleepy are you" 


"No just starving" 


"Well you came home right on time, your dad will be a little late. Hey! Are you and Justin getting back together" 


"He's a nice person we're just friends and no we're not, why"  


"I don't know maybe you two are right for each other I guess. Who's this Jake guy" She asked. 


"He's a rich jock that girls are obsessed with" 


"Must be popular and get all the girls" 


"Something like that. Mom I have to tell you something and you might be disappointed" I said. 


"Depends on what it is" 


"Um you're gonna be a grandma"   


"When in the future" She asked giggling taking a sip of her water. 


"No in a few more months" I said and she choked on her water. 


"You can't be having a baby" 


"Well I am I didn't mean for it to happen trust me I didn't plan for this to happen I talk to the father everyday and he doesn't want me to get an abortion" 


"Have you talked about adoption to him" 


"He doesn't want anyone else taking care of it or thinking about abortion" I said.


"So he's stepping in" She asked. 


"Yeah. I'm sorry mom" 


"I'm lost for words you're not that kind of person to get pregnant in high school." She said starting to cry. 


"I know" 


"Okay we'll keep this between us I'm really upset but there's nothing I can do. Have you made an doctors appointment?" She asked cleaning her face. 


"No. I haven't'' 


"I'll make the appointment tomorrow morning and I want to meet who the father is" She said and I nodded. 


"Your dad will be home late so if you want me to tell him I will" 


"Not ready to tell him I rather wait" 


"Okay" She said giving me a plate I was to bummed to eat but I know I have to. She sat down next to me and began eating. 


"I don't want you to feel bad about this. It could've been worse y'know but it wasn't how many weeks are you" 


"5.I was just scared that you'll make me give it away or send me off. Jake wants to be involved" 


"The jock" She asked surprised. 


"Yeah he wants to tell his dad but he's a strict person, he pushed Jake into joining basketball and then wants to push him into college. His mom died he's never told me what happened but it's just him and his dad"I said and started eating.


"Even though his dad is a strict person I can tell he's a nice boy" 


"Eh, yeah he's alright, you could say that he cares about this pregnancy I can tell were gonna get together and be a family" 


"That's the best way to do it. Are you going to meet his dad" She asked and I shrugged.  


                                                                           Jake's Pov 

I was in my room thinking about telling dad about Emily and this baby situation. I honestly didn't care if he did yell at me, I have to put my dreams aside and take care of this little human being. I knew that dad was gonna end up knowing anyways. I went downstairs into the kitchen seeing him doing paperwork,I really didn't want to interrupt him so I stood there and put my hands in my pocket, waiting for him to start talking.  


"What is it son" He asked kind of annoyed taking off his reading glasses. 


"I know you're gonna be pissed at me but hear me out, I have a baby on the way"    


"No you don't'' He said chuckling putting his glasses back on. "It's nice for you to make something up like this to get out of college basketball, but you didn't get someone pregnant? Who was it that dumb blonde Sabrina"


"Hell no, but it's not a big deal i'm gonna be there for it" 


"No you're not. Do you understand how bad I'm trying to get you a scholarship in basketball"  


"You know what fuck basketball dad! Can I do what I want to do you've been telling me do this do that since I was little, i'm not little anymore it's time to make my own decisions i'm quitting basketball" 


"For some damn baby is that why you're quitting that's you're dream" 


"No. I'm giving up your dream dad ever since mom died you didn't give a shit about what I wanted to do" 


"That's not true" 


"It is true it's all about pushing me around or about work you never have time. It's my baby and my responsibility, support me or not I don't need you. But I will take care of my kid, i'm not like you, i'm not the one that walked off when mom told you she was pregnant with me. I'm not that cruel" I said and took a deep breath.



I finished dinner I cleaned me and moms plate putting a plate up for dad. The doorbell rung I dried my hands going to get it seeing Jake with a towel over his mouth

"Can I come in" He asked. 


"Yeah" I said moving out the way. He came in, I closed the door. I grabbed his hand leading him into the kitchen sitting him down in a chair. I took the rag away from him cleaning his nose.


"Did you and Justin get into a fight" I asked putting my hands on my waist. 


"No it was my dad I told him we got into an argument" He said. 


"So he punched you" 


"We started fighting I had to leave that place" 


"You can crash here tonight if you like and I don't take no for an answer" 


"Is that how you got pregnant by me? By taking no for an answer" He said with a chuckle. 


"It was a mistake. My mom wants to meet you I told her it's just between me, you, my mom, Justin, and your dad"  


"Don't include my dad he's not worth being a grandparent" He said pinching his nostrils. I put an ice pack on the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath. 


"How have you been feeling" 


"Better sometimes I get morning sickness I can't believe we're actually keeping the baby" I said 


"Well I don't like abortions and I can't stand having my child given to someone" 


"What happened to your mom" I asked. 


"She was murdered by some assholes. She was at a bank and fucking idiots came and robbed it" 


"I'm sorry" I said feeling bad for him. 


"Don't be she was a good person but when she got pregnant by a drug dealer I was gonna have a baby sister but she decided she didn't want it by him so she got an abortion. That's why I don't want you to do that to my kid. My life is shit couldn't do what I want to do my dad always push me into doing this and that I couldn't take it anymore I'm quitting basketball" 


"You can't quit there's a game in a couple of days. I know your dad pushed you into basketball you're really good at it. If I go to your game would you at least play" I asked and he shrugged. His phone started ringing he seen it was his dad, he ignored it removing the ice pack.


"Are you gonna keep putting up with your dad" 


"He's my dad I have no choice, sometimes I wish him and my mom would change places you're the first person I've ever told this to" 


"I've been judging you this whole time saying you're a bad person that doesn't give a shit about anything in the world but, you're a total different person a good person and i'm sorry I misjudged you maybe you've been acting like a total ass to everyone because of your past" 


"Yeah" He said. I went for a hug he hugged back pulling away. 


"You're getting a little big" 


"I know. Wanna feel" I asked. 


"I'm good maybe another time" 


"Okay. Come with me" I said grabbing his hand I leaded him upstairs to my bedroom.


"Nice room" He said looking around.    


"Thanks" I said laying down. He laid beside me staring at the ceiling putting his arm behind his head. 


"What are you think about" I asked. 


"It's nothing. It's just when I look back at what all I've been through and now about to raise a baby in a few months it's all a curse" 


"I don't think it's all a curse it's not your fault bad things happen to you" 




"It would've been crazy if we started dating right" I said.


"Are you asking me out? But in a smooth way" He said.   


"No I was just saying" 


"I don't think it would be crazy because apparently we're gonna be together anyways and i'm sorry it happened" 


"It's okay it would either be me or any other girl you've slept with, would you rather be having a baby with another girl" I said 


"No you're different, sometimes being different is a good thing and sometimes doing the right thing doesn't make a person happy" 


"I think that you stepping up is doing the right thing and that's better than you walking off on me. Why didn't you" 


"Well when my mom was pregnant having me, my dad walked off it took a lot for him to come back" 


"Must've been hard" I said. 


"Something like that. We never got along after he started telling me what to do i'll just have to live with it. I'm not ashamed of telling the world I got you pregnant I mean almost every teenager in high school has a baby it happens a lot you're not the first person don't worry about if you're getting judged by it because I am too. Besides it's none of their business" 


"Yeah. So, are you talking to anyone? Like dating" 


"No just messing around, we're friends that's having a baby together doesn't mean i'm gonna stop talking to you. How are things with you and Justin" 


"We're not dating, more like friends he's- a good person are you deciding to respect him a little" 


"Hell no, he's annoying I don't think we'll ever be friends I mean friends with him just isn't right to me" He said and I chuckled a little. 


"My mom is making an appointment for us in the morning are you gonna come with me" I asked. 


"Yeah i'll come, do you want me to" 


"Of course I want you to it'll be nice, I mean you don't have to i'll just have my mom come" 


"Us three can be there I can't believe your mom is cool with this" 


"There's no point in getting upset it happened and there's nothing she can do" 


"Do you want the baby" He asked and I shrugged. 


"I honestly don't know" I said looking up at him waiting for him to reply.    


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