Emily Hampton is a 17 year old Junior in high school. Emily and Justin were together at first now that they've broken up, he still has a massive crush on her. She got pregnant by a senior named Jake that plays basketball he's the ''player'' of the school and he's a rich kid. They get married live in a house together for 4 months but after loosing their baby they both have a hard time moving on, especially Emily. They decide to go their separate ways Jake ends up graduating getting into a basketball team in California.


11. Tacos

I remembered having tacos with Jake for our date he knows I love tacos. The bell rung for lunch, I went into the cafeteria eating a salad talking to Justin. I didn't see Chelsea Amber or Jake maybe they were going to be here late not that I don't care about Amber and Chelsea. 


"So did Jake talk to you" I asked Justin.


"Yeah we talked during home room but I don't know his friends are douchebags"   


"I didn't say be friends with his friends just him since you want to help with everything. What did he say to you" I asked.


 "He told me you talked to him about him and I being friends, and that I wanted to help you out when the baby comes. He respects that so we're trying to get to know each other better I told him my story he told me his and I understand why he's been an asshole to me and everyone else"    


"Yeah have you seen him"   


"No I left homeroom and we went separate ways I don't think he has detention" He said.


 "Hope not, we're going on a date tonight we're gonna be looking at some houses soon i'm happy"   


"Are you sure you want to go through this"   


"I don't have any other choice but to, I love my daughter and giving her away would hurt me because i'm not nurturing her as a biological mother. She's very healthy i've been doing everything the doctor told me"   


"Oh yeah, what was this morning yelling at your friends"  


 "It's not my fault that happened I just spoke my mind"   


"I don't want anything happening to you could you just stay calm for at least 3 to 4 months"   


"I guess" I said.


"Can I talk to you privately" Jake said I sighed getting up walking away from the table stepping outside the doubled doors into the hallway.    


"Why didn't you tell me what happened this morning, I hate finding out things from Amber and Chelsea" He said.


"It wasn't a big deal I was calm"  


 "It is a big deal and you wasn't calm everyone heard you say that to them"   


"I didn't want to repeat myself you know how I am the mood swings just come and goes, so don't be angry at me. Justin already told me that if I keep getting stressed there's a possibility I could loose the baby and I don't want that to happen"   


"Me either how do you think I feel about this i'm embarrassed"  


 "Embarrassed? Are you kidding me everything I do doesn't effect you, you're just the father of our baby everyone knows that my mood changes hello i'm pregnant I can't control it it's not my fault I asked Amber and Chelsea one simple question but they just spit in my face so I told them about theirselves, they're backstabbers talking behind my back but don't want to say it to my face"   


"Who cares what they say"   


"I do because they were my friends, and they were criticizing me you don't know what it feels like"   


"I know what it feels like Emily, most of my teachers tell me i'm throwing my dreams away for some baby but it's not just some baby it's my daughter I don't care about college or doing anything else I want to be there with you raising her, i'm pretty fucking sure one of my teachers was pregnant in high school, it gets me upset but I don't try to because it's not worth it, getting mad at myself is like being mad at you. I can't stay angry at you but just please keep calm"   


"Okay, i'm sorry I didn't tell you just didn't want you to worry i'm fine now. Please don't get angry at me for anything I know when you get angry, your neck turns red and you're trying not to yell at me"   


"I won't be mad unless you promise me you'll stay calm"   


"I promise. Have you eaten" I asked.


 "No,hate school lunches I was gonna go somewhere and get me something. Do you want anything"   


"No i'm okay but thanks. Did Amber and Chelsea say anything about me"  




"Don't lie to me"   


"They didn't if they did I still wouldn't tell you"   


"So they did say something about me. What was it" I asked.


 "It doesn't matter you're not friends anyways what are you gonna do beat them up. Me telling you what they said only makes you more stressed. I'm trying to look out for you and the baby"   


"I know that"  


 "Then leave it alone"    


"I will" I said he sighed and kissed my cheek walking away. I went back into the cafeteria continuing eating my salad.    


"You okay"    


"I'm fine" I said Justin nodded and took a sip of his drink. The bell rung for third period I went to class trying not to think about everything that's happened today. Every 10 to 15 minutes I would look at the clock to see if time was passing by I honestly couldn't wait to get out of here.  I finished my class work turning it in to be graded, I sat back down in my seat reading a book. I realized Amber was looking at me but I didn't bother looking back at her she's already caused me enough stress for today. We got dismissed I left class going to my locker changing my books closing it.   


 "Hey Emily" Amber said stopping me before I could walk off.


"What do you want"   


 "I'm sorry about the way me and Chelsea acted this morning well I should say I should be sorry, you're pregnant and if you loose the baby because of me I don't know how I would live with that. Chelsea told me not to talk to you if Jake told you we said something bad about you it was Chelsea it's just stupid were all fighting because of this. It's your life your baby and your decisions and we should support them, but since Chelsea isn't gonna be around I could at least do the right thing not getting mad at my best friend for having a baby"  


 "You two hurt me this morning"  


 "I know and after what you said I felt bad because I was listening to Chelsea she's been a bitch lately but Emily this pregnancy is tearing our friendship apart"  


 "It's not tearing anything apart not even us, if it's tearing something apart it'll be my family. You don't have no idea how much i've put up with these few months and being labeled was one of them. I can't get stressed anymore so i'll see you later" I said walking away going to my next class. After school I went home having a snack picking something out for my date tonight, I was actually kind of nervous. It was only 5:30 so I only had an hour before I could go out.


"Hey Emily, going out or something" Mom asked sitting her purse and keys on the counter.


"Yeah, with Jake we have a date tonight and i'm nervous"   


"I know how you feel I felt the same way when I was on my first date with your dad that means you really like Jake, you have deep feelings for him. What are you gonna eat"   


"Tacos he knows I love tacos"   


"You do. So how was your day" She asked pouring a cup of coffee.


"You don't wanna know, I was in a pretty bad mood this morning went off on Amber and Chelsea"   


"You didn't"  


 "I did. Amber apologized but Chelsea didn't"   


"What! You two basically grew up together"   


"Yeah well high school picks your friends. I finally talked to Justin today he's been avoiding me because of Jake but, they're trying to work out some friendship instead of hatred. Jake found out that I was yelling at Amber Chelsea and basically the whole school and he just snapped"   


"Well of course he snapped he's keeping you in line making sure nothing goes wrong during the delivery, he's really serious about this Emily but you just keep putting pressure on him cut Jake some slack he's not your babysitter to make sure you behave at school"   


"I know it's just the mood swings I can't control it them I cry I get happy and then i'm angry"   


"You should be on bed rest"   


"I don't wanna be on bed rest, I wanna move around go to school and not be behind"  I said.


"Well you have a doctors appointment Monday maybe she'll tell you to be on bed rest and you have to obey her rules"   


"Yeah I know, me Jake and his dad are looking at houses soon I want a small wedding just us and the parents that's all, his dad offered to buy us a place of our own"   


"That's nice of him, I don't want to see my little 17 year old girl live with a 18 year old boy but, you're getting married and everything and I can't stop you two from doing whatever you wanna do. It may sound stupid to live together and get married at this age but you're almost out of school anyways" She said.


 "Yeah, I really wanna do this i'm not having second thoughts, I want to marry Jake have this baby and be a family. Family is the most important thing now a days"   


"That's true and i'll always be here for you, me and your dad"  


 "Thanks" I said she smiled sitting her cup down giving me a big hug.   


 "I love you" She said.


"I love you too" I said getting down from the stool taking a shower. I slid on a dark blue dress curling my hair doing my make up slipping on some sandals.    


"How do I look" I asked mom.


 "Pregnant" She said with a chuckle. "You look gorgeous even when you're pregnant, makes you more gorgeous"    


"Thanks, is something on your mind" I asked sitting beside her.


"Just don't want to see you grow to fast"   


"I'll always be your baby girl mom"    


"I know" She said putting on a smile leaving the room. I grabbed my purse going outside seeing Jakes driver standing by the door. I climbed inside getting ready to see Jake. When I got to the restaurant I got out walking up to him giving him a kiss holding his hands.   


"You look beautiful tonight. You're nervous aren't you, I can tell"   


"I'm so nervous and thanks you look amazing too"   


"Thanks, don't be to nervous. Come on" He said taking my hand, we went inside sitting down eating tacos.  


 "I got you something, i've always heard you're suppose to give your girlfriend a gift when you first say you love her so, I got you a necklace" He said putting it around my neck.


"I love it, please don't spoil me with material things" 


 "I'll try not to"  


 "I'm serious, I want to be different than all the girls you've been with"   


"You are different, you're the first person that ever knew about my life without telling anyone. I respect that, i'll try not to spoil you with expensive things it's just you get me. There's gonna be a day where you wake up and i'm not there I want you to know i'm here for you and whatever happens we'll have to go through it together. If things don't go right with this pregnancy that doesn't mean i'm gonna leave you, our daughter is why we got together in the first place"   


"I know, it's just I want to make people happy without being labeled it's hard for the mother" I said.


"I realized that but you'll just have to ignore them till she comes you're not the first girl to ever get pregnant in high school it happens"  


 "Yeah, I always didn't like teenage pregnancy I thought it was lame y'know dealing with a kid at a young age, taking care of a baby putting your school work aside barely getting any sleep" 


"I thought the same thing. Never thought about being a father at this age anyways but I have no choice but to. I got tested the other day luckily I don't have anything i'm happy you told me. I honestly thought I had something after all the girls i've slept with. I told a lot of girls I slept with that I loved them but I never meant it, I actually didn't know what love felt like. But now that I do, it feels great, if you haven't came into my life I would've honestly been a wreck by now. I thank you" He said handing me the results and I looked at them.


"You're welcome, you didn't have to thank me. But thanks for getting tested just wanted to be safe"   


"I know" He said I smiled and kissed him.


"Look, about today at school-"   


"I'm not worried about it sorry for going off on you during lunch" He said.


"It's okay I had it coming. Amber came up to me this afternoon and apologized seems that Chelsea doesn't wanna be friends anymore"   


"Because of you having a baby? That's ridiculous"   


"Well you know Chelsea the one that doesn't give a shit about anything but i'll be okay at least Amber isn't being a bitch"  


 "I always thought she was a good friend, I told you Chelsea wasn't a good person that's why I never liked her"


"Yeah, I spoke to Justin about you two he told me you talked to him"   


"Yeah he told me everything about him, I told him everything about me, maybe he's not that bad of a person I just wanna protect you" He said and I smiled grabbing his hand.    


"I know, and i'm putting a lot of pressure on you with this anger"  


 "You're not don't worry it's about me making you and our daughter happy" He said. When we left the restaurant we went by his place his dad was working late so we made out on the couch. He slowly moved his hand on the side of my dress exposing my thigh. 


 "I love you" He said moving his lips to my neck, I let a soft moan slip from my mouth pulling on his tie taking it off throwing it across the room. I layed down on the couch while his lips were still attached to my neck. He kissed down my body stopping at my stomach giving it a small kiss.    


"Hey gorgeous, it's your dad. I know you can't hear me but your mom and I are dying to see you, we can't wait till you come out and make us a happier family. Um, I want you to know that we love you and i'll be waiting for you to be in my arms." He said looking up to me I smiled running my fingers through his hair.   


"You know it's a school night I can't stay long" I said sitting up.


 "I thought we were about to have sex it's only 8:30"   


"I know but you know the rules maybe when we move in together then yes I could see us having sex"   


"We need to look for a house pronto" He said and I giggled.


"I don't want to rush so quickly, i'm sure we would have sex"   


 "I really wanna have sex with you, every since I seen you in this sexy ass dress it turnt me on so bad, besides your ass looks amazing" He said grabbing on it, I chuckled and lightly pushed him.  


"Whatever, that's not true"   


"It is true have you payed any attention"    


"You've been looking at my ass" I asked.


 "I couldn't resist it's growing" He said chuckling I scoffed pushing him again. He grabbed my hand leaning in, I leaned in also kissing him over and over adding tongue. He reached under my dress taking my panties off.   


"Don't you think it's a little weird to have sex while i'm pregnant. I mean look at me i'm almost huge" I said pulling away.


"You didn't know sex is very healthy during pregnancy and so what you're stomach is big you're still hot" He said mumbling against my neck. I smiled taking his jacket off unbuckling his belt unzipping his pants taking them off. He slipped off his shoes unbuttoning his shirt taking it off. He helped unzip my dress from the back taking it off.  


 "You ready" He asked.


"Yeah, I guess so"   


"I'm not gonna hurt you if that's what you're thinking, i'll take it easy"   


"Okay" I said. He slid off his boxers slipping himself inside of me. After we had sex, we got dressed I must admit maybe it felt wrong the first time but now I don't regret it.   


 "Y'know I can't wait to do that more often"  


 "Me either, it wasn't that bad" He said buckling his belt.


"Yeah" I said standing up he grabbed his keys. We left his place going to mines.    


"I had a great time, thanks for dinner"  


"You're welcome" He said I kissed his cheek getting out the car going into the house.   


"How was it" Mom asked.




 "Okay, well i'm gonna go to sleep you should too goodnight" She said going upstairs. I took a deep breath going upstairs changing into something comfortable laying in bed turning the lamp off. My phone vibrated I seen a text from Jake. 'Goodnight gorgeous' I smiled and replied going to sleep. 


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