Emily Hampton is a 17 year old Junior in high school. Emily and Justin were together at first now that they've broken up, he still has a massive crush on her. She got pregnant by a senior named Jake that plays basketball he's the ''player'' of the school and he's a rich kid. They get married live in a house together for 4 months but after loosing their baby they both have a hard time moving on, especially Emily. They decide to go their separate ways Jake ends up graduating getting into a basketball team in California.


6. Sting like a bee

I was dying to know the gender of the baby I couldn't wait any longer. My next doctors appointment was in 2 weeks I was hoping Justin would come next time, I got up hours later taking a shower making breakfast for mom and dad. I haven't figured out if I was gonna tell dad I don't know what he would do. 

 "Hey, is that for me" Dad asked.


"Yeah. Decided to cook breakfast" 


"I know you're pregnant Emily i'm not stupid" 


"H-how did you know" I stuttered.


"Eating a lot besides you're showing I understand why you didn't tell me, i'm disappointed but there's nothing I can do about it I just want you happy and make sure you're doing the right thing, do you and Jake want to be together get married before the baby gets here move in with him?"   


"Dad i'm a junior. Marriage? Really I honestly don't know"  


 "Well you'll know ahead of time making more decisions when it's time for it to come. I wanna meet him"  


"Okay. Well he has a basketball game tonight i'll make sure he come over if he's interested"   




"Why aren't you mad"  I asked.


"There's no point in getting angry when that baby comes it gonna change your life, Jakes life, me and your moms life, his dad's life, there's nothing I can do about it to change your mind about your own kid" 


"I didn't ask for this"


"I know, same thing happened with your mom and I we didn't want you to go out doing the same thing we did but, you did" 


"I'm sorry" I said he sighed and hugged me.


"Get ready for school" He said walking out the kitchen. I sighed eating a piece of bacon going upstairs waking up mom. 


"Mom, it's time to get up"   


"What time is it"  

 "6:55 in the morning" I said she groaned sitting up wiping her eyes, I walked out the room grabbing my bag going to school. I got out my car heading into the school going to my locker grabbing my books.


"Hey" Jake said.


"Hey, what's wrong you seem down"   


"It's nothing"   


"C'mon you can tell me"   


"My dad wants to meet you" He said.


"Oh great cause my dad wants to meet you too he already knew"   


 "He's not pissed" He asked and I shook my head.


"Shocking isn't it he understands why I didn't tell him he told me were we gonna get married and move in together before the baby comes" I said with a chuckle.


 "Wouldn't be such a bad idea I mean we could be a family that's what i've been thinking about all night. I also thought it was kind of ridiculous to make a commitment at a young age but we're having a baby at a young age. I'm getting more serious with this pregnancy reading books and stuff like that. I'm a dad"  


"Yeah seems that it's gonna get harder for us when it's close"  


 "I know a lot first babies come early, you'll never know when it's time"  


"How many girls did you screw before you had to make up your mind about this"


"A lot actually, not having sex anymore that's a good thing I want things to be different" He said and I nodded.


"Okay. Well if we do get together someday i'm afraid that you might have something" 


 "You want me to get checked" He asked.


 "Yeah, if it's not a problem you do use rubber don't you"  


 "Yeah but if it makes you happy i'll get tested, just for your safety I want to look out for you" He said and I smiled.


 "Thanks, so your dad is talking to you" 


 "Not exactly he just wants to meet you he's never met a girl I hooked up with, could you do it tonight he's gonna be at my game" 


"Yeah. I hope he likes me"   


"Me too you're not like the girls I had sex with I respect you"  


 "Because i'm having your baby" 


 "Not only that. As a person" He said and I smiled again.


"I respect you too. So at the party this summer you told me you've never y'know eaten a girl out you just have sex with her why don't you do that"


"I don't want my mouth on them there's no telling how many guys they've been with. Why want me to do that you" 


"No I was just curious. I just thought you didn't know how to do it"


"I do trust me but just never did it to the right girl"


"Did you do it to Amber"  


"No" He said with a chuckle.


"Are you sure"




"So you've never taste the girls you were with"


"No, I know it's part of sex but I've just never had the interest. You're really into this conversation aren't you"


"I was curious, it's just when we had sex you never did that to me" I said 


"I know" 


"Hey, sorry to interrupt your little conversation but how did it go at the doctors" Chelsea asked.


 "We don't know the gender yet but we will in two weeks" 


"So are you like, together"   


"No we're not dating just two friends having a baby but I don't know maybe we will decide to be together soon" I said 


 "Well i'm here to support you through this me Amber and Justin"  


 "Thanks Chelsea" I said she smiled  walking off and I closed my locker.


"I don't like her" He said 


"How come"


"She has a bad reputation. She's not a good friend, you'll see. So you were thinking about dating me"  


 "I think we both were y'know to get together before the baby gets here but not just yet"  


"Yeah I agree, baby steps" He said and I nodded.  

"Yeah baby steps"  


  "I'm gonna go i'll see you tonight" He said kissing my cheek walking away.   


 "Are you and ass-wipe official" Justin asked.


"No we're not dating we're taking baby steps"   


"Okay, how are you feeling, feeling confident about this whole thing"  


 "I guess I mean it's not that bad. I'm starting to feel happy about this pregnancy is it bad" 


"I don't think it's bad, Emily you didn't want this to happen to you"   


"I have to live with it I can't get an abortion and i'm not giving it away Jake doesn't want that"   


"What do you want" He asked  


 "I just want to do the right thing" I said and he nodded. 


"Emily! It's Jake!" Amber said grabbing my hand we didn't run but quickly walked. Jake was in a fight with Quincy the asshole of all assholes I quickly went up to Jake trying to break it up. 


"Jake stop it" I said trying to pull him off till a pain suddenly came onto my cheek. I held my cheek, Jake stopped to look and see that I was hurt. He punched Quincy one last time till he fell onto the floor walking towards me. 


"Do not touch me!" I yelled. The bell rung. Me and Jake was in the nurse office I had an ice package on my cheek while he had one of his nose. 


"I didn't expect you to get hit Emily"


"Sure you didn't"


"You can't do things like that you would've gotten hurt..which you did" 


"I was saving you"


"You didn't have to, I had it" He said raising his voice.


"What the hell made you fight with Quincy"


"He was talking bad about you and I didn't like it one bit. I care about you and I've never cared about anyone in my life. Are you really upset because of that piece of shit. I was defending you, I guess that's not enough" 


"Stop it, I got punched Jake"


"And that's why I punched him" He said I scoffed and stopped talking to him, he sighed and grabbed my free hand intertwining his fingers through mines.


"Are you okay" He asked


"No. I'm not"


"I'm sorry, and I mean that but, I don't want to make you loose the baby because of me"


"Who said anything about loosing our child" I asked 


"Well you was under to much stress today all because of me"


"I was stupid to jump in it its my fault" I said.


"No it's not stop blaming yourself for this. Come here" he said, I did as he told me and we kissed. I pulled away and sighed. Gosh his lips were so soft. 


"You're right I should stop blaming myself for this. It's just so much is on my mind and my face hurts" I said and he removed my ice pack and seen where I got punched.


"Aw shit! He hit you hard" 


"I know" I said with a chuckle he kissed my cheek and then me pulling away because the nurse was coming in. 


"Do you think the baby is okay" I said softly. 


"Yeah, I positively think the baby is okay. We have nothing to worry about" He said kissing my fingers. 


"How's your nose" I asked 


"It's alright, I'm getting tired of getting punched in my nose. I easily bleed" 


"It's not broken is it" I asked.


"I don't know, I don't think so" He said removing his ice pack. I grabbed a towel beside me cleaning his nose.


"I could've done this myself you have to take care of your cheek" He said.


"I'm okay Jake besides I helped you last time your nose was bleeding. Just don't get into anymore fights can you do that"


"I don't know. The school always gossiping about us"


"Everyone has their right to say something it doesn't matter if it's about us maybe they're jealous"


"Jealous? That we're having a baby"


"Yeah I mean all the girls would kill each other to be in this position" I said. 


"Yeah well I'm not some kind of grand prize this isn't some kind of competition of who gets me and who doesn't"


"I know that I'm just saying" I said. The nurse gave him an admit slip for him to go back to class he kissed my cheek leaving. I sighed laying back on the bed. After lunch we all went to the gym to have a prep rally for the basketball game tonight. I had Jakes number painted on my face. Number 3. I was happy coach was letting him play tonight even though he got into a fight. The prep rally was over I went down the bleachers walking towards Jake and a group of the other players. They all walked away and Jake turnt around. 


"I see you were rooting for me" He said with a smile on his face.


"Always. You're okay"


"Yeah, are you"


"Yeah I'm fine my face stings a little but Amber covered it with paint so you really can't tell" 


"Number 3 wow this baby step thing must really be working" 


"I guess so besides Amber has number 3 also" 


"We're just friends" He said 


"I know. So Quincy isn't playing tonight"


"No thank god, coach hates him"


"I'm sure everyone does I mean you were an asshole but not like him he's worse. I'm sure he wants to be just like you, you're captain of the basketball team you're hot sleep with plenty of girls you're talented and charming. I thinks he's jealous"


"I think so too. I just wanted to give him a piece of my mind this morning. I don't want anyone talking bad about you in front of me" 


"You didn't have to do that. I don't care" I said.


"Yeah that's the problem. I care I don't want you crying your eyes out because of some asshole"


"What did he say about me"


"It doesn't matter. I gotta head to practice" he said walking away.

All day i've been thinking about what I was gonna do, my decisions I was gonna make it was getting harder than I thought,having second thoughts about this situation.

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