Emily Hampton is a 17 year old Junior in high school. Emily and Justin were together at first now that they've broken up, he still has a massive crush on her. She got pregnant by a senior named Jake that plays basketball he's the ''player'' of the school and he's a rich kid. They get married live in a house together for 4 months but after loosing their baby they both have a hard time moving on, especially Emily. They decide to go their separate ways Jake ends up graduating getting into a basketball team in California.


1. Prologue

                                                                                     Jake Pov



                   Dear Emily, 

Every since we got a divorce I can't sleep. Thinking that it's really over between us, loosing a daughter and you is like loosing everything in my life.  I really want you to be happy, being with you was an experience. I've opened my eyes seeing reality instead of having sex with different girls to make my pain go away after loosing my mom. I thought about what you said, having sex with different girls isn't going to change the fact that my mom is still gone. I've learned a lot from you. Now that I lost you, Malory and my mom. My heart has broken into pieces and I can't put them back together. We didn't love each other because we had a baby together, we loved each other because that's how we actually felt from the first time we hooked up. I really hope this doesn't change anything between us now that i'm in the army. Hopefully i'll see you again. -Jake                


                                                                               Months Earlier


It all began this summer, sleeping with the ''player'' at the party. It was the biggest mistake I've ever made. He was the hottie. The rich and hot jock. I actually had a crush on him till he became a jock, started to be a little different to everyone.It was the first day of school.I had time to take a pregnancy test because I started feeling all these different side effects happening to me over the past couple of days. I went into the bathroom, its 6:30 a.m. I took the test out the box staring at the stick. After a few minutes of taking the test I looked at it and my heart dropped. Pregnant for the first time, my goal was to not have sex in high school but I was stupid enough to do it. Jake has been with plenty of girls and we happened by accident, it was at his party, seemed like we had a lot in common and we kind of clicked. He was sweet,funny, and hot like I said before. His brown silk hair, caramel brown eyes, his smile was to die for. Maybe it was the braces, oh yeah he's a brace face. A couple of tears ran down my face, I hated myself, the first time I've ever hated myself, disappointing my parents doing the same thing they did when they were my age. I mean its not like i'm a Freshman or a Sophomore but it doesn't matter. I'm still in school and not close to graduating yet. I pulled myself together hiding the test under some clothes in the bin to show Jake after school if he was interested in seeing if I was actually having his baby, so he wouldn't think i'm lying.  I got ready for school going downstairs seeing my parents making breakfast. They smiled at me I fake smiled and sat down. 


"Morning" My mom said with a huge smile on her face fixing me a plate of pancakes.


 "Morning" I said back, kind of depressed but still trying to show happiness in my eyes. I ate a piece of my pancake, I really wasn't hungry since I got the sick feeling that a baby was developing inside of me. 


"Are you okay" My dad asked taking a sip of his coffee grabbing his brief case and I nodded. He smiled and kissed my head leaving. 


"I'm gonna go to school, don't wanna be late" I said and grabbed my books leaving. I walked inside the school finally seeing my two best friends since the second grade, Amber and Chelsea. I tried avoiding them for a second trying to find Jake. After I found him he was around a group of his basketball friends laughing and joking around like a bunch of idiots, I grabbed him by his arm taking him a few feet away. 


"What the fuck. Oh hey, you're Emily right" He said with a smirk on his face.


"Wow screwed too many girls and somehow you forgot my name" 


"What do you want, more sex? They always come back for more" He said sounding proud of himself. 


"Yeah well not this girl, I came to talk to you" 


"About what" He asked kinda annoyed. I rolled my eyes.


"I need you to be serious about this, and since we only did what we did once, you have to believe me" 


"Just tell me" He said raising his voice a little getting impatient. 


"..I'm pregnant"  I said whispering. 


"Come again" He said pretending not hearing a word I said. 


"I know you don't want to be involved but sadly, I'm pregnant. Crazy huh" 


"I don't believe this shit, you're not the first girl to come up to me and tell me that you're pregnant Emily" 


"Well, if you want to come over to my place and see the evidence or either go to the doctor i'll be happy to show you, i'm not happy about this. I'll be the talk of the school well WE will be the talk of the school. What are we gonna do?" 


"We? Oh no I can't let some baby ruin my basketball scholarship or my senior year" He said and I scoffed.


"I can't believe i'm having a baby by a low-life asshole, I can't believe we ever did it how can you say that" 


"How can you keep that" 


"So you're basically calling your son or daughter.. a 'that'?" 


"Actually yes I am,  i'm just really shocked right now. My dad, he would fucking kill me he's really strict about these kind of things, he knows I have sex but he's really belligerent" He said looking back at his friends hoping they wouldn't hear our conversation. 


"So what are you trying to say" I asked and he shrugged.


"I don't know. This baby thing is a serious problem, I believe if I try to tell him about it he'll throw a fit"


"I won't tell my parents and you don't have to tell yours. I really want to believe i'm making this whole thing up but, i'm not I don't know what to do"  


"We'll figure something out alright" 


"I want an abortion" 


"We didn't talk about this and we're not talking about it" He said starting to get upset. 


"Why not, you said it for yourself it'll ruin your basketball scholarship and your senior year" 


"You just can't rip a baby apart it'll be like ripping me apart. You're not getting an abortion" 


"You can't have the baby and neither can I. I'm not sure if I want to go through this" I said. 


"I'm not sure either, i'll talk to you later" He said walking away. The bell rung I looked at my schedule going to Math. After school I went by Jake's. His dad was gone, he took two pregnancy tests out of a brown bag handing them to me.


''Here. I got two of them just in case so take both, I wanna know for sure'' He says, I rolled my eyes and went into the bathroom and did my business. I sat on his bed while he waited for the results. 


"I can't believe this shit" He said sitting beside me. 


"Me either so what are you gonna do? Do you want to be involved?"


"I don't know i'll think about it" 


"Okay well let me know ahead of time" I said grabbing my bag, he nodded. I left his place and went home. Mom and dad both already started dinner just fixing up the table, I sat down with them and they both looked at me. 


"What" I asked. 


"How was school" Dad asked.


"It was..okay I didn't talk to Amber or Chelsea all day" 


"Why is that, you two have been friends since forever" 


"I don't know, just didn't feel like talking I guess" I replied. 


"That's not normal there must be a really good reason you three are like sisters" Mom said. 


"Yeah well i'll talk to them tomorrow. How was your day?" I asked.


"It was okay, I won't be home i'll be out of town but i'll be back. I know I don't always be here when you need something but i'm trying, we both are" She said placing her hand on mines.  


"I know" I said. We all started eating dinner. I avoided the chicken it kinda made me feel sick to my stomach. I covered my mouth quickly getting up running upstairs into the bathroom throwing up into the toilet.  


"Are you okay" She said kneeling down beside me rubbing my back. 


"Yeah, yeah i'm fine don't worry" I said flushing the toilet.


"Okay. Do you feel sick?" 


"A little, maybe it was something I ate at school, lunch was pretty disgusting" 


"Make sure you take something extra to lunch like a fruit or something, or even better make your own lunch" She said, I nodded cleaning my mouth. 


"Are you coming back down to finish dinner" 


"No, i'm okay. Not really in the mood for anymore food right now" 


"Okay well goodnight" 


"Night mom" I said. I got up changing into my night clothes going to sleep maybe that would help me feel a lot better.  


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