Emily Hampton is a 17 year old Junior in high school. Emily and Justin were together at first now that they've broken up, he still has a massive crush on her. She got pregnant by a senior named Jake that plays basketball he's the ''player'' of the school and he's a rich kid. They get married live in a house together for 4 months but after loosing their baby they both have a hard time moving on, especially Emily. They decide to go their separate ways Jake ends up graduating getting into a basketball team in California.


16. Mourn

"What are you doing" Jake asked rubbing his eyes.

"Getting things ready"

"You think this might be it"

"Maybe I don't know. She might be really close"

"Yeah, maybe. What are you doing up" He asked.

"Couldn't go back to sleep, she's keeping me up"

"At least you slept"

"What are you doing up" I asked.

"I used the bathroom and I seen the light was on I had a feeling you were up at this time anyways since you slept early. Are you going to school"

"I guess so I have a test in calculus so I don't want to miss that , tomorrow I'm going to the hospital to get checked so you can come if you want. If you're busy then I'll understand it's just a check up"

"I'll have to see first I'll love to come make sure the doctor isn't doing anything funny"

"Oh please stop being so dramatic he's my doctor. Maybe you shouldn't come you have a lot of things to do in school since you're a senior"

"Alright if you don't want me there then I won't go"

"It's just because I don't want you to embarrass me. He's my doctor and he's delivering the baby there's nothing we can do about it" I said.

"I understand Emily, really I do. I'm gonna go back to sleep" He said leaving the room. When morning came I took a shower brushing my teeth getting dressed grabbing my bag with books.

"You shouldn't be carrying heavy objects" He said grabbing my bag putting it on his shoulder helping me off the bed.

"I thought you were mad at me"

"Because you told me not to come to your check up, you're right I shouldn't come I have other things to do. I couldn't get mad at you Emily you really have to piss me off"

"Alright, I was just making sure come on want any breakfast. We could stop and get something on the way"

"Okay" I said. He grabbed my hand we got into the car driving off. We stopped at the store getting us some breakfast sitting in the school parking lot eating. When I got done I grabbed Jakes hand and rubbed it across my stomach.

"You feel that" I asked happily surprised.

"Yeah, she's so ready. Maybe she's getting in position"

"I hope so I'm so ready. I will not miss this morning sickness at all"

"You're feeling sick" He asked.

"No I'm okay just really nervous"

"Me too. A little I can tell she's going to look just like her mom"

"You think" I asked.


"I think she'll have your eyes. She has an amazing dad that cares about her. We're both lucky girls" I said giggling.

"These months have been a journey Emily, you may not tell me that I ruined your life but I know I did and you can hate me a little for that. We went through a lot with Chelsea, taking baby steps, if it wasn't for that I don't think we would be together. My dad is very grateful you're in my life and his, he actually likes you. He told me that, I'm grateful also. I see myself being the same asshole as I was before if this never happened, having sex with tons of girls, I had to stop someway and it happened because of you" He said and I smiled grabbing his hand.

"I honestly think that now I'm about to have a baby I have nothing to do. I have nothing to accomplish but to raise a baby, I mean you're not the only person that's confused about what to do when it's time to graduate. You have talent Jake you're amazingly talented, and it's because your dad wanted you to do something with yourself when you graduated I mean you could've quit school when your mom died or when your dad left you, but you didn't. You made something out of yourself, you're almost done with school you're making both of them very happy. Basketball may not be the only thing you're good at but you should do something with the talent you have. Maybe our daughter will be like you one day"

"Yeah." He said with a big smile on his face. I lightly kissed him.

"I love you" He said pulling away which made me smile.

"I love you too" I said beginning to kiss him again. I pulled away pressing my forehead against his.

"We should hurry and get inside" He said. We got out the car walking inside hand in hand walking to my locker.

"You honestly need to put some books into your locker"

"I need them to study before the test"

"You'll do great all you need is confidence. I didn't think I would pass my exam"

"Did you do good" I asked.

"I don't know I think I did good"

"This is different, an exam is longer and complicated a test is just stressful" I said.

"I'm pretty sure an exam is stressful babe you're gonna ace it because you're smart"

"Are you quoting what I told you"

"Yes I am" He said and kissed me.

"Maybe you're right I'm going to ace that test"

"That's the spirit, don't worry so much just focus" He said and kissed me again pulling away.

"I'll see you later alright" He said and I nodded he walked away. I sighed and put some books into my locker grabbing my bag.

"Long time no speak" Chelsea said leaning against the lockers.

"Didn't know you were back" I said.

"I am. I'm not gonna be able to go to prom, I'm forbidden to show up"

"Why were you such a bitch to me? You can't change the fact I'm pregnant you have no idea what bullshit you've put me Jake and our family through"

"Suspension did make me learn something. It made me feel embarrassed"

"I guess those group of girls are your new friends now. The girls that fucked Jake"

"He fucked them, but they all want Jake he's hot what can I say. He's stupid rich" She said. I rolled my eyes.

"Is that what everyone wants him for because he's rich and he's hot. Jake is more than that he's a respectful, courageous, smart guy that isn't like any other guy. Yeah he had sex with every girl that made you think he was like every other guy but when you get to know him he's nothing like that. He loves his daughter more than anything and when you tripped me it felt like his heart was crushed and I couldn't do anything about it but talk to him and make him feel better. You didn't make him angry you also made me angry and my family including his dad, they love this baby. I didn't plan on getting pregnant but I was stupid enough to have sex but I liked Jake every since, and he liked me. Whatever happens it's my daughters blood on your hands"

"I regret doing that. I don't have my friends anymore so. I guess this is to teach me a lesson"

"It was a bitchy thing to do"

"I know. And I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that"

"I accept your apology. But we can't be friends anymore" I said.

"I wasn't asking just wanted to apologize. You think I should apologize to Jake"

"No he's had good days so far" I said and she nodded.

"Can't believe you're back" Jake said.

"Yeah me either, I caused too much trouble so I'm just gonna go." She said walking away.

"What did she say to you"

"It's nothing just a little girl talk"

"Last time you said that she said bad things to you. What was it" He said.

"You're already getting upset. I thought you were going to talk to your friends it's nothing"

"I seen her in the office I knew she was coming to talk to you"

"Jake please let's have a good day. You get angry easily, someone needs to fix that" I said.

"I'm just curious"

"Don't be I'm okay. I'll talk to you later" I said kissing his cheek walking away. The bell rung and I went straight to class. During class while I was taking my test I couldn't focus, all I was thinking was about everything on my mind. I looked at the time five minutes passed, I stopped and did my test.

Jakes Pov

I started walking down the halls and seen Chelsea, she saw me and went the other way I quickly started walking towards her grabbing her by her arm pulling her towards the lockers.

"What did you say to her" I asked.

"I apologized to her"

"Oh you think a sorry will fix the fact you still fucked up our lives. Saying sorry will fix everything you've done. No it doesn't go that way"

"Calm down-"

"That's my daughter in there don't tell me to calm down. I don't want you around Emily at all, if you have something to say to her you come to me first"

"You're such an ass, I don't see what she sees in you I don't know if it's that bullshit Prince Charming shit you pull" She said.

"I love Emily"

"Oh please she's going to leave you, you're the one who ruined her life" She said yanking her arm out my hand.

"No I'm sure it was you. And that little stunt you made calling those girls out embarrassing her including me it was uncalled for"

"You're the one who had sex with them"

"What's this about? Me not having sex with you out of Emily and Amber you think I might have sex with you" I asked.

"No, this isn't about sex it's about ruining my best friends life"

"She's not your friend. You never was her friend in the first place admit it" I said.

"You're insane" She said walking off. I rolled my eyes walking a separate way.

End of Pov

The bell rung I quickly left out bumping into Jake.

"Remember when we bumped into each other and my books fell on the floor and you kindly picked them up for me" I said.

"Yeah, like it was yesterday" He said with a chuckle.

"Going out for lunch"

"Maybe. Why do you want something"

"No just wondering they're having fish for lunch-"

"No fish you can't eat that" He said.

"I was just gonna eat a salad or something it's no big deal"

"I'll get you some tacos"

"Thanks but not today"

"You love tacos Emily" He said.

"I know but just not feeling it today. How was first block"

"I kinda skipped, I told the teacher I had to pee and I never went back"

"You're bad" I said leaning in for a kiss.

"I talked to Chelsea" He said and I stopped.


"I talked to her she told me what she said, you couldn't tell me that"

"Leave it alone please. Stop getting so angry at me for not telling you everything. You have a really bad habit of getting mad so easily"

"I care about this baby Emily she's almost here"

"I care about her too let me handle things" I said.

"And you handling things leads to arguing and yelling, and we're back to where we started"

"I can't believe you're bringing this up, Jake just let it go leave it alone for me please. I'm having a really good day and you should too"

"I'm going to basketball" He said walking off I scoffed and rolled my eyes.

"Hey haven't seen you this morning" Amber said.

"I know me either"

"You see Chelsea"

"Of course, she's the talk of the day I guess. Jakes upset because I wouldn't tell him what Chelsea said to me this morning"

"He catches a temper quickly" She said.

"Yeah I realized that, I love Jake but he has anger issues"

"It's not his fault he just wants to protect you. He cares Emily you're over reacting"

"Am not! I appreciate it but I just don't want him getting upset, whatever I'm going to class"

"Alright see you at lunch" She said walking off. When lunch came I went into the cafeteria seeing Jake sitting across from Amber I wrapped my arms around his neck showing him my test.

"I passed"

"Congrats" He said in a boring tone I groaned and sat beside him.

"Are you still angry at me"

"Yeah I am" He said.

"You cannot get mad at me for not telling you everything"

"You know how much I don't like Chelsea"

"Yeah I know that so why did you want to know"

"Because I care about you and I don't want her saying anything bad to you because you know what happened last time, chaos, that's what happened"

"She was being nice and I was calm when I talked to her it's nothing seriously. Do me a favor control your anger, could you do that for me that's all I'm asking"

"I wanna know these things"

"Okay. What did you say to her" I asked.

"I told her to stay away from you. She's caused enough. She knows I don't like her but she's staying away from you. Which is good." He said.

"You shouldn't have done that"

"I'm looking out for you"

"There's nothing we can do about the fall it happened she regrets it we should leave it alone"

"Alright fine" He said grabbing his Taco Bell getting up leaving I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"He's so sensitive" Amber said.

"I really don't care anymore, I know what Chelsea did was wrong but she can talk to me. What do you think"

"I think you should be able to do what you want but he doesn't want that. He's upset that you're on her side, he doesn't want anything wrong to happen again. She's almost here. If you want to talk to her then that's your choice"

"Have you talked to her" I asked.

"She came up to me and told me she didn't have any friends and she deserves that because of what she did. She didn't ask for me to be friends with her again"

"Yeah she said the same thing to me. You seen Justin"

"He's busy today"

"Do you think you'll be able to be together if he's busy all the time"

"I don't know that's what scares me"

"I hope you'll be okay"

"Yeah, it'll be okay hopefully. I hope Jake stops being so angry with you just for one little thing" She said.

"Tell him that he won't listen to me but whatever he can't stay mad for long. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow so I won't be coming to school"

"Would you want me to come"

"Nah I can go alone it's just a check up"

"Well I can't wait to meet her"

"Me either" I said with a slight smile on my face. When school was over I met with Jake after school walking towards the car. He unlocked the door, we got inside. I buckled my seatbelt getting on my phone. When we got home I sat my bag on the counter sitting on the couch texting Amber. There was a knock on the door I got up to get it seeing my mom I smiled and hugged her inviting her inside.

"How are you" She asked.

"Exhausted, long day"

"Where's Jake"

"In the room, we're not talking he's mad at me for not telling him what Chelsea said to me this morning. But whatever I can't get upset my daughter is almost here. We had a good talk this morning- Jake and I but I don't know" I said.

"He cares"

"I know he does I understand if I was in a bad mood but I wasn't in a bad mood I was still happy. Anyways I'm going to the doctor tomorrow it's a check up."

"Want me to come"

"I wanted to go alone"

"Alright well call me when you come from the doctors"

"Alright, how's dad"

"He's fine he misses you, he stays busy. He should be over one day but I just wanted to stop by, I'll see you later"

"Yeah you too" I said she let herself out. I sighed and pulled out some books out doing some homework. Jake came out the bedroom wearing gym clothes.

"I'll be at the gym" He said grabbing his keys leaving. I closed my book going into the kitchen cooking something to eat. After that I changed into some other clothes and went walking a little in the neighborhood. I sat down on a bench for a little till a car pulled up in front of me.

"You're walking alone" John asked getting out the car.

"Yeah, Jakes at the gym"

"Let me guess you two are mad at each other"

"He's mad at me because my used to be best friend and I talked this morning"

"Chelsea? The one that tripped you" He asked.

"Yeah she apologized and I didn't tell Jake what she said so he's mad at me"

"He has a habit of getting upset"

"I've noticed, I don't want to argue with him and he doesn't notice he's making me emotional and depressed with him being upset with me"

"I'll talk to him" He said.

"It'll really help if you did. I'm so stressed"

"Don't be, you can't be getting upset all the time. She's almost here, Malory loves you Emily" He said I rested my hands on the bench putting my head down shedding a few tears. He pulled me into a hug rubbing my back.

"I think I need to go to the hospital"

"Did your water break" He asked and I shook my head.

"No. Something doesn't feel right"

"Okay" He said helping me up into the car. When he took me to the hospital we sat in the waiting room for a few minutes.

"Emily" My doctor said calling me back.

"Want me to go back with you" He asked and I nodded.

Jakes Pov

When I got back from the gym I sat my gym bag and keys on the table taking a shower. I got out and put on some clothes, I noticed it was quiet. I seen Emily's book on the couch. Her car was still here but she was no where in sight. The bag she packed was still here. My phone started to go off seeing it was my dad.

"Yeah" I said starting to talk.

"Jake there's been an incident"

"What? Have you seen Emily?"

"She's with me" He said.

"W-what's the incident. Is she okay? Is Malory okay?" I asked and he no longer responded. "Dad answer me" I said calmly.

"Just come to the hospital" He said hanging up. I grabbed my keys and went out to the car driving to the hospital meeting up with dad before he let me go into the room.

I heard the shower turn on. I got up and went into Malory's room, the walls were pink, everything was set up the way a person would've wanted their baby girl to have. I know it wasn't healthy to be in the room without seeing her there. It only makes it worse. I couldn't just ignore the fact that she wasn't there I had to mourn- grieve. Jake was going to be graduating in a few weeks I was really happy for him. But I will also miss him he won't be there talking to me next to my locker, walking me to class, asking what I want for lunch. I'll miss that, now that we don't have a baby I don't know what he will do. Maybe go on to college for basketball here that'll be good. He's good at basketball and he's probably good at other things, but basketball is what I think he should do. I know he doesn't want to talk about his mom and Malory. They were something in his life, his two favorite girls he's lost. Maybe he hasn't shed a tear yet because he's tired of loosing people in his life. I walked out the room going into the bathroom dropping my clothes onto the floor hopping inside the shower. He smiled and so did I. 


"We've never done something like this" 


"Yeah, maybe we should start" I said and kissed him. We started making out he turnt the water off we stepped out the shower without breaking the kiss. He picked me up taking me to the bedroom laying me down on my back onto the bed kissing all over my body. The bed was wet because our bodies were, including his soak wet hair. When Jake and I have sex it feels special I feel special to him I felt even special because I know he doesn't y'know eat girls out but he did it to me. It made me feel a little better and kinda forget about me being depressed and sad because of Malory. After that, we  got dressed and changed everything that was wet on the bed. 


"I needed that" I said.


"I think we both needed the sex" He said with a chuckle.


"Yeah" I said and sat on the bed.


"Something wrong" 


"No it's just there's something you've never done to me before" 


"Oh that. Yeah thought I would give it a shot, did you honestly think I didn't know how to do that" He said.


"Yeah you're good at everything I guess" I said.


"I'm not perfect Emily, maybe that's why I'm always stressed and worried because everyone labels me being perfect. I'm good at a lot of things it's a gift."


"You're perfect to me. It doesn't have to be anyone else" I said and kissed him giggling. "Your lips taste good"  I said running my fingers through his hair.


"I'm really happy you scored high on your exam. You're smart you always have been, don't dumb yourself into doing stupid things and being like that in front of your friends. You're valedictorian, you're smart. You have a big future ahead of you" I said.


"Thanks, I thought you didn't care at first"


"I was just in a bad mood this morning. I do care and I appreciate you trying to make me happy today. I don't think any one would do that" I said.


"So you're going to school tomorrow"


"I can't go back there again" 


"Why not" He asked.


"You know why, can't show my face in front of all of those people" 


"You did this morning" 


"I know that" 


"Is this about them staring at you and talking"


"What no-"


"Yeah it is goodness Emily fuck them" He said standing up.


"I'm not like you Jake we are two completely different people. I told you I'll get my GED or something"


"You're going to graduate Emily this is the dumbest thing you've ever made. I care about you, I care about your education and everything that's why we're married. To care for each other. If I didn't care I wouldn't be here. Think about it alright" He said and I nodded he went into the bathroom while I layed down and went to sleep. 


           Jakes Pov



I got up seeing Emily wasn't there hopefully she was getting dressed to go to school. I don't want to seem too hard on her I just want her to go to school graduate and think about her future. I got up and brushed my teeth putting some clothes on. I started to go into the kitchen till I seen Emily on the floor her knees against her chest and her arms around her legs rocking back and forth. 


"What are you doing" I asked.


"I can't go back there"


"It's okay. It takes time but I mean school is almost over"


"I know that" She said and I sat beside her. 


"I thought about getting rid of all this stuff in here donate it to a shelter or something. I mean what's the point of having this stuff in here without a baby. I loved her. She made me feel like a different person, you too of course. I don't want to get rid of it but we have to it's the right thing to do, it may feel that's it's official she's not really here when I do get rid of it but at least we'll move on. I know all we can do is cry and grieve but that's not going to bring her back. And it's not going to help us feel better, I'll bring your school work we can do it together to help keep your mind off of her" I said and kissed her head rubbing her back.


"Thanks for caring"  


"You're welcome. I'll bring home dinner"


"Okay" She said I stood up and grabbed my keys leaving. When I got to school I went to Emily's locker getting some books she needed for any work that needs done. 


"Hey. Rough morning again" Amber asked.


"Not really she wasn't yelling thank god. She's just- she doesn't want to show up I think she's taking this GED thing seriously, but I rather for her to graduate. Could you go by there and talk to her"


"I do talk to her-"


"Not by email or texting just show up unexpected"


"Okay, okay I will" She said. 


"Thanks you seen Justin I really need to talk to him. You two still dating"


"I don't know he's more focused on his career than me. I'll talk to Emily if you talk to him" 


"That's if I see him but I'll talk to him" 


"Thanks" She said walking off. I sighed and closed her locker going to mines. School was a pain, I know I have a few weeks left and I wasn't even focused on writing my speech for graduation, I had other things to do maybe my dad could write it for me I don't know. During class I got called to the counsellors office she wanted to talk to me about my speech I was suppose to write which I haven't started doing. I thought about what Emily said, I know I didn't want to do valedictorian but this is my last year and it's an honor to be one.

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